No-Contact Delivery: The Safest Way During the Pandemic

Online shopping has been strongly encouraged since the beginning of the pandemic and many people have happily obliged by getting their purchases delivered now more than ever before. However, e-commerce is not completely risk free when it comes to keeping consumers safe. With that said, there is a smart-tech solution that retailers and buildings can turn to help mitigate many of the risks associated with e-commerce deliveries – smart parcel lockers. This solution can be found across the country, including contactless lockers in Edmonton.

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The Problem with Conventional Delivery Methods

While e-commerce does help to reduce the chances of coronavirus being spread throughout communities by eliminating the need to visit potentially crowded stores, there are still some risks associated with online shopping. Most notably, the person-to-person contact that has traditionally been part of the last-mile delivery process poses a risk to both carriers and residents, as well as concierge and security personnel in multi-residential environments.

A safer, more secure and virtually contactless method of parcel delivery can be practiced, though, thanks to smart lockers, which are changing the way we think about how packages are received.

How Touchless Lockers in Burnaby are a Safer Delivery Solution

One way smart parcel lockers are making deliveries safer, is by reducing the number of people handling the parcel in the first place – there is no need for security or concierge staff to receive parcels for residents who may not be home, and then hand them over at a later time. Instead, carriers simply visit the smart parcel locker’s ATM-style terminal and deposit all parcels for all of the building’s occupants within minutes, without having to travel past the designated delivery area. This eliminates unecessary foot traffic by multiple carriers throughout the building. And instead of the packages being stacked in a pile and constantly handled by building staff and residents,each package is placed in its own designated compartment from which the recipient can by collect it when convenient by opening the compartment using the PIN or scannable QR code sent directly to their smartphone.

This provides a safe, secure, and more efficient way to handle parcel delivery. , Not only does this reduce the number of people handling the parcels, but it also reduces the number of miles drivers need to travel since they can successfully and securely delive all packages on the first attempt.

Theft is also nearly impossible with touchless locker solutions because the only person who can access the parcel is the one to whom it is addressed. If you are someone who has experienced package theft or has had anxiety about a package being left out while at work, a smart locker can serve as a breath of fresh air.

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