Digital Lockers: Effective and Secure Storage Solution for Schools

Schools and lockers go together like packed lunches containing peanut butter and jam sandwiches. However, the traditional school locker was not always the safest place for storage. With safety on campus high on the priority list, many colleges and universities have implemented policies and school storage locker solutions designed with the safety of students and faculty in mind. One of the better measures has been the installation of smart school lockers in Canada.

School lockers in Canada

Why Smart Lockers Are Being Included in School Locker Management

The best school locker storage solutions are ones that are both cost effective and offer the best safety on campus. While COVID measures may have been eased, the implementation of contactless technologies to facilitate package management on campus is still gaining ground. After all, it’s better to have solutions in place in the event of another public health crisis than to be left scrambling for solutions once it hits. Smart school lockers Canada-wide offer parcel storage solutions that fit in perfectly with the rapidly increasing online shopping being conducted by students in colleges and universities. With online shopping offering a convenient way to get things they want and need without having to travel to a retail space, students are ordering more. As a result, there has been a massive increase in packages and deliveries to campuses across the country. Having a system to facilitate school locker management is simply a smart move by school officials.

Integrating smart parcel lockers on campus is easy. Ideally, the lockers are in smart pick-up points that offers easy, secure, 24-7 access. This allows students to pick up equipment, packages from home, food and supply orders, or laboratory equipment, laptops, books, and other important school materials. When the packages are put into a smart locker, a student will receive notifications that their package or asset is in the locker. The message will also include information about the delivery, the access code, and the proper locker number. Once the package is picked up on a date that is suitable to the recipient, the locker gets released for reuse by the next person. It’s a seamless process that offers security and safety to all involved.

Benefits of Integrating Smart Lockers on Campus

Convenience. Security. Safety. These are the simple reasons why school lockers in Canada are being utilized by proactive school administrators. The contactless nature of the process was certainly important during the pandemic, and can continue to offer students wary of contracting things such as COVID a sense of security. School locker storage solutions are also cost effective because they don’t require schools to allocate a number of staff to mail room package fulfillment. The process is easily integrated with other student apps, and it offers another value-added service for students.

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