How Ineffective Shipping Methods Hurt Business

Parcel lockers

Your company has developed an amazing product that people want. You have a strong ad campaign and an eye-catching website that’s easy to navigate. People get excited and online orders are coming in. Your products are flying out the door – and then, the negative cycle begins.

No matter how much time and money is invested in products and a business model, poor parcel management can stop success right in its tracks.

Proper Packaging

Receiving a damaged item is so disappointing and can stop a customer from buying again. Every purchase should be properly packaged, but it can be difficult to stop damage that occurs when deliveries are left on a doorstep or in an apartment lobby. And no type of packaging can prevent theft. A no-fail option is parcel lockers for retailers who want to guarantee safe delivery. These lockers are a safe, secure and foolproof way to eliminate delivery damage and keep customers happy.

Shipping Charges

It is not uncommon to see online retailers charge high shipping fees, sometimes more than the value of the item itself. When this happens, the customer is liable to shop elsewhere and not return to the website. Parcel lockers for click and collect buyers stop those additional charges because they eliminate the need for shipping. Customers can buy online and then pick up the package at their convenience. Offering this free parcel management service is a great way to keep prices low and enhance the overall buyer experience.

Eliminate the Wait

One of the leading benefits of internet shopping is instant gratification, and many online buyers find ‘retail therapy’ in the ability to quickly escape the rest of the world to browse and buy in quiet comfort. So, expecting customers to wait days or even weeks for shipping is a grave mistake for online retailers. Parcel lockers for retailers are the final step in providing immediate delivery and lasting customer satisfaction. As soon as the order is processed you can place the item in a secure smart parcel locker and text or email a confirmation code to your customer. Then, they simply come to the locker, enter the code and retrieve the package. No more waiting!

No matter how much cost and effort goes in to your business, poor or costly shipping and delivery methods can seriously affect customer satisfaction ratings and the overall success of your business. Snaile parcel lockers for click and collect, B2B, B2C and all types of online commerce are a practical way to eliminate the cost, wait time and damage that can occur with traditional shipping and delivery methods.

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