How Digital Lockers Have Enhanced the Lifestyle of Residents

Property management companies across North America generally strive to deliver proven solutions and exceptional service that adds value, enhances lifestyles, and improves the quality of life for every resident. At least, that’s what they should be striving for. The challenge of course is to manage the expectations of residents who are demanding more, especially when it comes to convenient services. In large buildings, that means improved handling of parcel deliveries, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is through use of residential parcel lockers.

How Digital Lockers Have Enhanced the Lifestyle of Residents

Why Integrate Package Lockers for Apartment Buildings?

Recent studies show that 82 percent of Canadians shopped online in 2020, spending over $84 billion. That is an incredible number of packages that must be delivered, which is why an apartment locker system is a good idea to facilitate safe delivery and storage of packages. Property managers understand the difficulty involved in coordinating, receiving, distributing, and managing parcel deliveries in large, multi-residential buildings. Having a simple mail room inside the building where everyone has a key or an access code may seem like a convenient way to manage packages, but the truth is that is the least-secure option possible.

Even with closed-circuit cameras parcels can go missing from a room piled high with packages. If there is some sort of internal delivery system, packages can still get delivered to the wrong units by mistake. Other people who don’t understand that it’s illegal to open someone else’s mail can often be the first person to open a package even though it’s not theirs. It’s a recipe for disaster that could cause conflict between residents of the building, especially if there’s someone there who is at high risk for stealing packages.

Instead of designating a mail room to handle packages, the best solution is adding a bank of residential parcel lockers. First, it’s an added value for residents who demand security for their deliverables. Residents of the building will quickly come to appreciate the ease of use. Placing such a bank of residential parcel lockers in a strategic location will help facilitate deliveries while eliminating the need for couriers to access the building.

For example, if there is room, lockers could be placed between the front door and the controlled entrance area that may require a fob or code to pass. After placing the parcel in the smart locker, the courier can use the unit number to send the package recipient a text notification with a unique PIN or QR code that tenants can use to retrieve the delivery. The message will log a delivery in the system whereby the property management team will have a confirmation of delivery and whether or not they have been picked up. This service truly helps enhance the lifestyle of residents as they can enjoy peace of mind parcel delivery 24/7.

Residents Can Also Use Lockers to Share Packages

Given the simplicity of the system, it is easy for residents to take advantage of the convenience offered by residential parcel lockers. For example, if a resident wanted to leave something for another resident in the building when they were not home, the package could be placed in a parcel locker rather than left exposed in a hallway where some random visitor could scoop it up.

Let Snaile Lockers Customize a Locker Solution for You

Snaile Lockers are not cookie-cutter solutions. Every building will have its own needs and its own space restrictions. Snaile can provide a custom solution that will satisfy the needs of the building managers while providing exceptional security for the tenants. Lean more. Visit Snaile Lockers online.

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