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If you’re like 87% of Canada’s population, you’ve made an online purchase in the last year. The CIRA reports that in 2019, web-based purchases of food, clothing, travel and household goods increased by up to 22 percent. Further, 75% of online shoppers feel comfortable making purchases on a Canadian retail website. This is big business, and smart retailers are cashing in on the boom and making the customer experience easier and more enjoyable by installing Snaile parcel lockers for retailers.

Ours is a world of convenience, which is why online shopping is preferred by such a huge percentage of the population. Consumers don’t want to wait for stores to open, line up for the great deals or arrange a way to get their purchases home. With online shopping, people can browse from home or work, find the exact items they want, compare prices, make their purchases and confirm fast delivery. Automated parcel lockers are the final and often the most important step in this process, because they provide a secure last mile delivery option that makes it easy for consumers to safely retrieve their online purchases.

So, Exactly How Are Parcel Locker Companies Changing the Customer Experience?

1). Pickup is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: BOPIS retailers (buy online, pickup in store) with automated parcel lockers on site give shoppers the option of picking up purchases at their convenience. This is a great service for students and professionals who aren’t able to shop between 9 and 5, and for shift workers who sometimes run errands in the wee hours.

2). Deliveries are safe and secure: Online purchases with home or office delivery can be a hassle. If no one is available to sign for and accept the delivery, the parcel is usually left on the doorstep or in a lobby where damage or theft or fire code violations are likely to occur. Smart parcel lockers for retailers can be located in malls, urban centres, office buildings and residential properties to provide a secure way for a package to be delivered and safely stored until the owner is able to pick it up.

3). No-hassle Returns: Not every purchase is the perfect fit, and returns are a big part of the online buying process. Consumers can also use automated parcel lockers to return unsatisfactory items to the retailer. Once the online transaction is complete, the item can be placed in the smart locker for the retailer to retrieve.

To learn more about how parcel locker companies like Snaile Parcel Lockers are changing the way we do business.

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