Digital Lockers Can Help Students Fight Against Food Insecurity

Of all the useful applications for smart lockers in business, residential communities, and in public places where packages are distributed, perhaps one of the best is on school campuses.

Smart lockers have already impacted the way campus and dorm delivery processes are handled. One of the growing applications for these digital distribution devices is to revolutionize the way schools and students deal with food insecurity. No matter how big or small the school, it could be time to implement school locker storage solutions.

Smart lockers for schools

Whether it’s being driven by a community group, campus student-lead group, or the administration itself, dealing with the issue of food insecurity, food waste, and food redistribution is a growing concern for school boards and student populations. The facts are telling: students who receive proper daily nutrition do better in school; that’s true at every age level. Smart lockers for schools is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to solving the problem of food insecurity.

School Lockers Canada Help to Eliminate Food Insecurity

With skyrocketing cost of living, a global pandemic, tuition and book costs, food insecurity for students is becoming a very real problem. Students are busy at the best of times between balancing school, sports, and extra-curricular activities. Most likely meaning many have missed meals at least once a week. Students who are parents or who are working to help support their families often have food challenges.

Many campuses are calling on schools to set up food banks, school breakfast or school lunch programs. Here is where school locker storage solutions can help. Setting up a bank of smart lockers on any campus is the first step. With a simple access code, lockers can become available to students for food delivery, drop-off and pick-up around the clock.

It takes a matter of seconds to deposit or collect from the lockers. Other students who want to share their extra meal plan dollars can use the lockers to distribute food; food bank style campus initiatives can also use the lockers for safe and secure drop off of perishable and non-perishable goods.

With the technology integrated into school locker storage solutions, many of these units are temperature controlled. That allows for safe delivery of items that require refrigeration; a student sitting in class can rest assured the food dropped off for their consumption is safely waiting in a properly refrigerated locker.

Eliminating hunger for students in all schools – from primary to public school grades to university and college campuses across the country – is a major goal. Students need a proper diet to ensure their mental health is being taken care of. School lockers are a simple way to provide students with secure areas where they can receive food drop offs from family or various food distribution programs in which they may have been registered.

Trust Snaile Lockers for Safe Secure Food Storage

Snaile Lockers distributes refrigerated school smart lockers for use in aiding students to overcome food insecurity. Talk to anyone at Snaile to see how our products can be integrated into your school’s food program.

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