Three Sectors That Have Benefited from the Use of Intelligent Lockers

Embracing new technology is always a smart way for a business in any industry to remain competitive, become more efficient, and quite often, to provide better service to clients and customers. Flexibility and adaptability are key strategies to help stay on the cutting edge. For companies that have to integrate package distribution strategies into their business plan, one of the best new tools is the use of an intelligent parcel locker system.

intelligent parcel locker system

Intelligent parcel locker systems have been readily adopted by property managers to offer superb convenience, safety, and security for residents. No matter what time of day, residents using intelligent lockers in Vancouver or parcel lockers in Surrey can easily access their packages. With unique access options and software integration, many other businesses have looked at integrating an intelligent parcel locker system. Here are just a few business sectors for which the addition of smart lockers – such as those by Snaile Lockers – has been instrumental in helping meet the challenges of package distribution:

Retail Location

Keen-eyed shoppers might notice some retailers hosting a bank of intelligent lockers. These are usually installed to help retailers fulfill contactless BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) orders that have dramatically increased in number since the beginning of the pandemic.

This click-and-collect service has been a godsend to retailers over the last two years, as more shoppers gravitated online to do their shopping in the hopes of complying with social distancing measures. However, many shoppers still like to stay connected to their favourite brick-and-mortar retail outlets; placing locker banks either outside the store or just inside the location allows customers to pick up their orders whether the store is open or closed.

Customers utilizing the service are sent an alert with an access code informing them that their package is ready. Not only is this convenient for the customer, it ensures goods are safely stored until pickup – unlike many of the front-porch home deliveries. Shippers and retailers can use this method to drop off deliveries for customers to retrieve at their convenience. Now that this BOPIS option has been made available, many retailers will continue to use is as a way to offer customers better service.

Corporate Offices

With the shifting employment landscape empowering employees who want to stay home to work, many corporations and large-scale employers are looking for ways to enhance the workplace environment. Implementing intelligent parcel locker systems is one way to provide physical mail and package pick-up and delivery to employees who may not be in the office five days a week.

This contactless handoff ensures the privacy of each item is maintained; it is also a great way to raise the bar on sanitation and worker safety as mail and parcels are handled in a more efficient manner with fewer people coming into contact with one another to facilitate the exchange of goods. Intelligent lockers can also be used in companies where employees regularly check out equipment or share tools, computers, and other items. This is a convenient solution for all involved.

Educational Facilities

Public and private schools, colleges, universities, and other educational facilities can benefit from the integration of intelligent locker systems. They provide convenience for students while addressing safety and sanitation concerns in the schools. Facilities can take extreme care to implement these systems prior to facilities fully opening again. They are also extremely helpful for students who require day storage and who are commuting to and from campus.

All three of these are important verticals for Snaile Lockers. Whether it’s in a mall, an office, or a university, Snaile Lockers offer the best solutions for a wide and ever-evolving landscape of needs

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