The Use of Smart Lockers on College and University Campuses-COVID 19 has changed the trends!

Smart lockers have been gradually popping up on university and college campuses for some time now, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Their unquestionable utility in streamlining on-campus mail and parcel delivery services has made them a welcome addition to the existing infrastructure. The efficiency that they bring to daily operations has had a tremendously positive impact on reducing the stress of managing packages and deliveries for staff and students. These benefits have made Smart lockers among the most sought-after School Locker Storage Solutions in recent years.

Smart School Locker

Today, well over a year into a global pandemic and the repercussions it has brought with it – including the need to social distance – Contactless Smart School Lockers are recognized as almost a necessity across campuses. COVID-19 has had an accelerating impact on smart technology across a multitude of industries and services. This has turned many things that were deemed futuristic upgrades into ubiquitously implemented standard practices.

One such innovation is the Campus Hub.

Upon closer examination, the campus hub is a simple concept. It is essentially a system of smart Contactless Smart School Lockers. The idea is to put in place a hub where items are dropped off and picked up.

The way things used to be done was a delivery person would arrive with an item and wait for someone to accept it. The other person would either make the delivery person wait, or cease their tasks in order to accept the delivery. Neither is very efficient at all.

Now, thanks to the implementation of the campus hub, one of the compartments in the entirely automated Contactless Smart School Lockers can be used to drop off the item, relieving the delivery person without delay. The person accepting the delivery can then pick the item up at their convenience. And at all times the item is accounted for, creating an uninterrupted chain of custody. No items lost and no time wasted.
This, of course, is better by far.

The concepts employed here are:

1. Efficient item distribution leveraging the same system

2. Self-service at every step with zero physical proximity

3. A single point for both pickup and drop off purposes

4. Smart, software-based chain of custody monitoring

5. Integrated delivery and pickup notification systems

6. Easily accessible by all campus departments

This, along with the smart tracking software utilized in those systems, has created an efficient revenue generating alternative to the outdated system that was in place before. The added push behind it was the need for physical distancing but the primary benefits were there all along. The result is an efficient system of School Lockers Canada is rapidly moving towards.
And of course, this goes beyond mail. The same one hub of Contactless Smart School Lockers can be used to organize the transfer of library materials, bookstore merchandise, classroom equipment, student mail and so much more.

For more information about how smart School Locker Storage Solutions can enhance your campus, contact Snaile – leading providers of smart School Lockers Canada

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