Benefit of Automated Lockers for Commercial Businesses

Automation in any industry is a step forward towards higher productivity, better efficiency, and usually great cost savings for commercial businesses. It would make sense then that bringing automated functions to things like package delivery and fulfillment is a good idea. One of the best ways to accomplish that is through the integration of automated parcel locker systems.

 Benefit of Automated Lockers for Commercial Businesses

How to Improve Package Delivery with Automated Parcel Lockers in Canada

When some people think “locker systems” they think schools and books or personal lockers at work for coats and shoes. However, companies like Apple and Amazon have shown us the value of adapting to automated parcel lockers in Toronto and cities around the country. As technology has emerged to change the humble lockers into a fully automated and secure package delivery options, so too have the number of ways such automated parcel locker systems have helped commercial businesses adapt. Integrating automated lockers into your business operation is a great way for virtually any industry to offer cloud-based software-driven lockers that help businesses track and manage deliveries. These “intelligent” lockers offer a multitude of benefits for commercial operations including the following:

Better Cycling of Shared Assets

Using a locker system that offers a content surveillance system, businesses can verify which assets are in specific lockers and how many hours they have been used. The smart lockers will automatically unlock to allow users to remove an asset with the least amount of use. This is a better way to cycle assets.

Reduce Human Errors

Humans can forget things, like where they left important equipment or filling in proper paperwork. By incorporating automated parcel locker systems, a business can reduce the incidence of misplaced assets caused by human error, improper paper tracking, or hoarding of equipment. Improving the process of sharing assets and equipment should result in more productivity within any commercial business.

Reduce Theft

Providing automated lockers should help companies where theft of assets and equipment is a common occurrence. Equipment can be signed out and retrieved from a secure locker, and returned to the same locker. The system is fully trackable and makes people accountable for the safe and timely return of equipment they borrowed. Because a unique code is required to access the locker, only the person for whom the code was generated can open the locker. It’s a seamless system that can reduce losses by up to 30 percent or more.

Better All-Round Efficiency

Inefficient manual processes slow companies down and take away their competitive advantages. With an automated locker system there is little to no human intervention. Commercial smart lockers systems are ideal for multi-use assets like tools, computers, and specialized instruments. By installing automated lockers for managing reusable assets commercial businesses can streamline process making their more competitive. 

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