The Future of Parcel Delivery

Future of Parcel Delivery

Remember those Saturday morning cartoons, when the Jetsons would order food on a screen and then instantly get the item from their Replicator? It all seemed so futuristic- but when you consider the ease of online shopping partnered with the convenience of parcel lockers for apartments, you could say the future is already here.

Don’t Touch That Dial

Shopping outside of traditional bricks-and-mortar retail stores isn’t a new concept. In the mid to late 1800’s catalogue shopping was often the only way to obtain clothing, tools and other everyday items. “But wait, there’s more!” The 20th century brought TV’s frantic ‘call now’ marketing and infomercials. Then along came the internet and by the mid-90s, websites like EBay and Amazon were exploding in popularity. Recent reports suggest that retail sales from worldwide electronic commerce are expected to grow from 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017 to almost 4.9 trillion in 2021. With all the online options available today, residents can obtain virtually all of life’s necessities without ever leaving their apartment or condo, and all this satellite shopping is prompting property managers to provide more secure delivery solutions by companies like Snaile Lockers, Canada’s leader for smart locker solutions for apartments and condominiums.

Smart Solutions For A Growing Concern

Living in any multi-residential building presents challenges, and the safety & security of residents is always top priority. So, when all those tenants are doing all that online shopping, trouble can quickly pile up. Deliveries arrive and there’s no one home to answer the buzzers, so packages are left in the lobby where they are prone to damage, theft of violations to fire codes. Smart parcel lockers alleviate this problem by providing reliable parcel storage until the resident or tenant is ready to pick it up. No more waiting around to sign for delivery, trekking to the post office or finding your package has been damaged or stolen. Now it’s as easy as entering a PIN number on the secure keypad, and retrieving the package from a secure Snaile smart locker. This simplicity is a bonus for couriers and delivery companies too, who just need to scan the item, store it in a secure compartment and send the recipient a PIN number through email or SMS. Smart locker solutions for apartments greatly improve the workflow, and minimal package handling means reduced chance of liability.

Around The Clock Security

Smart parcel lockers are the best choice for apartment buildings, townhouse complexes, condos, dorms and other multi-residential communities, where all types of parcels are delivered at all hours of the day and night. Online purchases, dry cleaning, flower deliveries and even prepared meals can be securely stored until the recipient is ready to pick them up. For added tenant safety, Snaile parcel lockers are equipped with CCTV cameras and can be linked to existing security systems.

Thanks to innovators like Snaile Lockers, the future of parcel delivery has already arrived.

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