Smart Lockers for the Post-COVID Campus

It seemed that for the longest time – decades, even – campus life ran a pretty steady course: students hurrying to class, gathering to meet, living in dorms and waiting for the occasional pizza delivery or care package from home.

school locker storage solutions

Fast track to fall 2020 – when virtually every student, whether living on- or off-campus, is shopping online and having their purchases (along with those pizzas and care packages) delivered to the school. Now, factor in the new demands to stop the spread of diseases such as coronavirus, and suddenly campus life looks a lot different. This is a new generation of student life, where school locker storage solutions have become an integral component of security, convenience and safety on campus.

E-Commerce Doubled Since 2019

Prior to this year, trends in online shopping were already on a steady upswing, particularly among young Canadians who prefer to bank, correspond, order food and make purchases online. Since the coronavirus epidemic brought traditional retail to a standstill, though, the number of shoppers buying online has skyrocketed with retailers reporting an increase of more than 110% over May 2019. For students returning to campuses and residences, this trend will no doubt continue and likely increase even further. Schools can expect a record number of packages to be delivered on a daily basis and need to provide students with a safe and reliable method of retrieving parcels. Smart lockers for schools are the best solution for reliability, convenience and student safety.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Smart locker solutions for school use cutting-edge technology. A bank-grade keypad, tamper-proof digital cameras, and the same operating systems used by ATMs, airport kiosks, banks and hospitals.

User-friendly: Students can easily collect parcels at their convenience. Snaile school locker storage solutions are accessible 24/7 with no need to sign for packages or wait in line at a traditional mail counter. Once the package is delivered to a smart locker, the student receives a digital code via text or email and simply enters the PIN to open the locker. With features such as accessible screen height, raised dots on key pads and an accessibilty setting in the cloud that ensures parcels are never deposited too high for users with special needs, Snaile school locker storage solutions are compliant with the Canada Disabilities Act and accessible to all students.

Ideal for All Campuses: Smart lockers for schools can be installed inside buildings or outside in public spaces. There is virtually no limit to the number of compartments or the locker’s configuration, and because an entire wall of smart lockers can be accessed using a single keypad, they are perfect in smaller spaces like dorm common rooms and lobbies.

Students demand convenience but need reliability and safety – especially when it comes to online purchases. Snaile smart locker solutions for school score top marks for administrators, staff and students.

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