Smart Lockers: Essential Links in the Emergency Delivery Chain

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Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the world was told to “just stay home” to stop the spread of disease. People around the globe did their part by staying home and shopping online for essentials. Soon, e-commerce and delivery industries were pushed to the limit, and that caused customers to experience delays in receiving their supplies, or worse, not getting the things they needed at all. To solve this problem, retailers and suppliers have turned to parcel management solutions like electronic smart lockers to fill the void in the emergency delivery chain.

Picking Up Where Traditional Deliveries Left Off

The retailers and companies who supply essential goods rely on parcel management solutions such as Snaile smart lockers to provide a trusted solution for customers to pick up their items quickly and safely. The COVID-19 pandemic saw delivery services and logistic companies booked solid for days or weeks in advance, so immediate or even next-day home delivery was just not an option. Even if delivery was available, the elimination of face-to-face contact meant parcels often had to be left outside the door – not an acceptable solution for sensitive packages and materials such as medical supplies, groceries, and other perishables. Parcel lockers for “Buy Online Pick-up In-Store,” or BOPIS, completely alleviate these problems because they are easy to access, completely secure and there are even climate-controlled models that are perfect for grocery stores, fresh food markets, and medical essentials.

Providing Essentials for the Most Vulnerable

For some, the fear of disease and lack of available delivery options supersedes the need for even necessary supplies, including medication, and, rather than facing the crowds and risking infection, they go without. This is especially true for those with pre-existing conditions or autoimmune deficiencies. Coronavirus can be deadly for these people, and they are the ones in greatest need of essential supplies.

Electronic lockers play a vital role in delivering essentials to the people who need them most. The technology is not new – it is already used worldwide for e-commerce – but now more than ever, parcel lockers for BOPIS are known as a safe and reliable method in the last-mile delivery of groceries, medical supplies, and even medications. Patients with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure are accustomed to making monthly or even weekly visits to pick up medications, supplements, and supplies. But now, those regular trips to the pharmacy, doctor’s office or clinic can expose patients to potentially deadly viruses. Parcel lockers for retailers are used to alleviate this challenge by giving patients a safe way to access their supplies and medications.

In times of emergency such as a pandemic, retailers and suppliers need a proven and dependable parcel management solution. Snaile smart lockers also help to reduce crowd congestion and are especially beneficial when placed near hospitals, pharmacies, community centers and clinics. 

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