Smart Lockers: Best Friend of a Property Manager

Online deliveries have been occurring for some time now, but lately, the number of people receiving packages around the clock has skyrocketed – a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. This is becoming a problem for property managers in buildings that house multi-family homes as it can be a struggle to find space to store everything. This results in missed deliveries, packages laying around inviting potential theft, and can even be considered a fire hazard. What’s the solution? Commercial Intelligent lockers in Vancouver.

Intelligent lockers

More and more property managers are discovering how smart lockers can solve their parcel woes. The less time spent sorting through packages, the more time there is to dedicate to other tasks, saving both time and money in the long run.

How Smart Parcel Lockers are Helping Property Managers

Smart Parcel lockers are contactless, easy-to-use, and reliable self-serve machines that automate the process of depositing and collecting parcels. They eliminate the need for building personnel to sort packages, allowing the courier to simply drop off the package in a compartment until picked up. When the package is delivered, the resident receives a text or email notifying them that their package is ready.

The best part for the user? No anxiety regarding a missed delivery or possible package theft. Only the resident can access their package thanks to a special code that is scanned or entered at the locker’s ATM-style terminal. This solution offers major benefits for both building personnel and residents alike – making life easier for everyone.

Are Smart Lockers Really Easy and Secure?

A touchless outdoor parcel locker includes a master unit that houses the locker’s hard drive, barcode scanner, and touchscreen terminal. It can then be customized to include additional modules with numerous compartment configurations, types and sizes. The lockers are also equipped with security cameras that monitor activity, as well as software that resides both in the cloud and locally. This is what drives the locker’s smart technology and provides system administrators with information about its activity and usage.

They are an incredibly secure solution for package delivery and everything has been thought of in order to ensure peace of mind. Additionally, the lockers themselves are sturdy while remaining aesthetically pleasing. You can select from a variety of colours that can be customized to suit any space.

They are also easy to set up via the user-friendly cloud-based software. And because they are entirely modular and customizable, expandability is always on the table, provided you have the space.

As for acquiring them, they can either be purchased or leased and come with all of the software and services that are necessary to operate the system. They are also great for the property manager’s office building. Contactless Smart Lockers for Office buildings are just as great for residents as they are for business settings.

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