The Role of Smart Lockers in Boosting Employee Productivity

There is not a single aspect of our lives that hasn’t been affected to some extent by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Both our personal and professional lives, as well as our businesses, have been impacted by the restrictions in place to increase public safety.

When it comes to employee safety, the pandemic has added an additional layer for consideration when it comes to creating a safe work environment. As many businesses have discovered, one way to effectively achieve this is by installing smart lockers for office use.

Smart Digital Lockers

Unlike at home, where we’re not in any contact with strangers, or outdoors where we control how close we get to others, the workplace is where a lot of people spend hours a day in the same enclosed space. So, in addition to workstation separation, indoor air-quality control, and other measures, having a contactless outdoor parcel locker can help to ensure the safe exchange of goods, thereby increasing everyone’s personal safety.

The office workday involves a lot of items changing hands. And while much content is now being circulated digitally, there are still a lot of documents being passed around in print — hardcopies requiring signatures, for example, or printer’s proofs in need of review and initialed approval. In addition, there are deliveries and parcels arriving throughout the workday.

But how do we prevent parcels from piling up, especially when being picked up sporadically by employees who may be working remotely? And how do we prevent work from being interrupted by employees accepting incoming deliveries? And, finally, how can we ensure compliance with all the COVID-related precautions? Smart digital lockers offer a simple and centralized solution to all of those questions and more.

Using indoor smart lockers for office or contactless outdoor parcel lockers makes the pickup and drop-off of deliveries effortless, contact-free and simple.

  1. Parcels are first deposited to their individual, secure compartments without interrupting any of the office routines.
  2. Within seconds, the employee receives an SMS or email notification informing them that the parcel is ready for pickup.
  3. Then they are free to pick up the parcel at their convenience, including outside work hours or on their break.

This saves the need to interrupt daily duties or meetings when mail or a courier arrives, enhancing convenience for all while increasing employee productivity. Another considerable benefit of implementing smart lockers for office use is that when a parcel cannot be picked up immediately, it is stored securely until collection is possible.

The contactless outdoor parcel locker generates a secure, one-time access code for each deposit and all transactions are digitally recorded to ensure the highest level of parcel security.

There are many advantages of installing smart digital lockers in an office, most notably this amazingly beneficial upgrade:

  • Increases employee productivity by eliminating the sometimes hourly interruptions that can result from having to accept deliveries
  • Enhances employee safety by reducing the person-to-person contact that would otherwise be necessary to accept incoming deliveries
  • Ensures the security of parcels and equipment until the delivery can be conveniently and safely collected

All of these benefits, of course, result in a healthier workforce, as well as a healthier bottom line for your business.

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