Digital Lockers: Smart Solution to the Package Problem on School Campuses

The on-demand nature of E-commerce aligns perfectly with the expectations of young consumers, many of whom have come of age during the COVID-19 pandemic when almost all purchases were made online. Such young consumers demand this type of convenience for daily retail indulgences from food to fashion, so it’s a natural extension to suggest they want the same kind of convenience while attending school. That’s a primary reason for the increased use of digital school lockers in Canada.
school lockers in Canada

Smart Lockers for Schools an Idea Whose Time Has Come

School locker storage solutions are a great substitute on university and college campuses used to archaic mailrooms and manual package distribution services. By incorporating tech-enabled lockers, schools can improve the security of package distribution and minimize contact in times when social distancing restrictions are necessary.

A lot of packages flow to and from school campuses. There’s new tech like phones and computers, packages from home, medicines, and foods from food-delivery apps. Students aren’t loyal to bricks and mortar operations that their parents relied upon. Retail havens for teens are disappearing from malls despite malls being a common hangout for youth of student age.

Online shopping is a more favorable option to students trying to balance classes, work, study, and a social life. A full 48 percent of students buy their books and media online. Another 38 percent buy video games, 27 percent buy electronics and accessories, and 26 percent buy gifts rather than shopping in person. That’s a lot of online purchasing that may wind up being delivered to their campus address. To make such package flow manageable for campus mailrooms, smart lockers present an exceptional option.

Most traditional university and college mailrooms were established long before online purchasing became a predominant practice for young people. COVID-19 may have driven students off campus for a while, but that didn’t change their buying habits. Now they’re back in schools, letters, care packages, school supplies, and personal purchases are now arriving on campus and students need secure options.

Few campus mail rooms have the storage space to appropriately handle the volume of packaging arriving daily; what’s more, the security is a major issue. Imagine being a student that relies on safe, secure, deliver of medicines; dropping such packages off in a dorm hall or mailroom isn’t going to cut. Only school lockers in Canada that integrate secure digital technology can be trusted to provide students with secure packing solutions.

Snaile Lockers Provide the Best Smart Lockers for Schools

Snaile Lockers are the best solution to the package problem universities and college campuses are facing daily. Installing banks of digital lockers helps optimize space on campus, they save staff hundreds of hours of processing time, and the tech-enabled lockers streamline the pickup process, offering students a secure way to retrieve their valuable shipments.

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