How Smart Lockers are Helping Businesses Recover

Canada’s commercial sector – like all industries – took a hit from the Covid-19 pandemic. A recent Stats Canada survey from April 2020 showed that more than half of Canadian companies lost at least 20 per cent of their revenue, nearly one third reported a revenue loss of 40 per cent, and a staggering 80-plus per cent of businesses across the country reported a “medium to high” drop in demand for their products or services. The economy is rebounding thanks in part to new practices and new uses for existing technology, including forward-thinking managers who are now adapting smart locker solutions for apartments for use in commercial, corporate and retail environments.

smart locker solutions for apartments

For example, many corporate controllers and office tower managers are finding ways to decrease the amount of face-to-face contact and overall physical traffic in their buildings. One way of managing the new physical distancing protocols is by using touchless package delivery solutions such as smart lockers in lobbies, outside, near building entrances, and in other common areas.

Smart Lockers in a Post-Pandemic Business World

Companies such as Snaile have been supplying businesses with secure and convenient smart locker solutions for apartments, condos, retail locations and commercial properties for several years. Now, in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, even more commercial property developers are assessing the role that smart lockers can play in the regrowth of Canadian business.

By utilizing touchless package delivery among their new corporate and in-store procedures and technologies, Canadian businesses are forecasting numbers that look a bit more optimistic:

  • 20 per cent report adapting their production processes to meet changing demands;
  • More than 40 per cent have provided work-from-home measures for employees;
  • 60 per cent expect to resume normal operations once physical distancing measures are removed.

Canada’s New Business Essential

Snaile has smart locker installations in 23 Canadian cities. The bulk of their business has been smart locker solutions for apartments and condos, but their retail and corporate client list is growing steadily. Snaile lockers are used every day by a number of major carriers, including FedEx, Purolator, DHL and Intelcom, which is one of Amazon’s largest package delivery services in Canada. While there are some competitors, Snaile is the only one known as “Canada’s Parcel Locker Company.” Snaile revolutionized the touchless package delivery industry with lockers that are accessible, customizable, completely secure and technically advanced with features including bank-grade touchscreens and keypads, industrial grade steel, CCTV and pinhole cameras, industrial CPU windows imbedded, and more.

Learn more about how touchless package delivery options like smart locker solutions for apartments can help your business succeed in the coronavirus aftermath. Trust the company that has provided smart locker installations in 23 Canadian cities and is officially approved by all major Canadian carriers.

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