How Do Self Service Lockers Work?

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Every modern workplace requires a safe place for employees and tenants to store belongings, and a secure system to manage incoming and outgoing parcel deliveries. Now there’s a new way for businesses to protect their people, property and products.

Smart Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Electronic parcel lockers are considered a necessity in virtually every industry. These ‘smart’ lockers are created with utmost security in mind and built tough. Yet, parcel storage lockers are as easy to use as an ATM machine. Basically, these units can only be opened using a unique PIN code entered on a digital keypad or touch screen. Here’s how it works:

Once the package arrives at the delivery location the carrier places it in the locker compartment and closes the door. At this point, the locker can only be opened by using a unique one-time-use PIN code. The recipient is notified by SMS or email, and is the only one given that particular access code.

The recipient receives the notification and the unique PIN code. At the smart locker unit, she or he will use the touch screen to sign in to their personal account, and then enter their PIN number to access the locker. The door opens, the parcel is retrieved and the delivery process is complete.

If an employee is sending a parcel, the process reverses. The package along with its waybill is placed in the locker. Now, the delivery person is the one to use a PIN code to access the locker, pick up the package and take it to the depot to continue delivery. When sending packages from intelligent parcel lockers, tracking details are available as they would normally be.

Security And Accessibility For Everyone

To assure the best quality system for your staff or tenants, there are some key features to look for when comparing intelligent parcel lockers. You’ll want a bank-grade keypad and a large commercial grade easy-to-read touchscreen, extra security features including CCTV & pinhole cameras, industrial-grade steel, and the manufacturer’s assurance that the system meets all industry requirements and Canadian Electrical Safety Standards.

Parcel storage lockers should be easily and equally accessible to everyone, so be sure the system you choose is compliant with the Canadian Disabilities Act. This smart locker will have the correct screen heights, a raised ‘home’ button on the keypad for the sight impaired, and a disability setting in the Cloud to ensure packages are not stored too high. For ease of use, security and accessibility, Snaile parcel storage lockers meet or exceed all of these requirements.

Finally, truly intelligent parcel lockers must have an industrial CPU, not a consumer grade iPad,, your locker should use the same type of operating system (such as Windows) used in public spaces such as healthcare centres, ATMs and airport kiosks. There should be content detection, a hard drive for security video, and Cloud admin to provide reports, support and remote management when required.

For the finest in security, accessibility and quality features for your commercial property, insist on Snaile smart locker systems.

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