How BOPIS Can Create a Better Shopping Experience for Customers

In the current retail environment, businesses are looking for every opportunity to provide customers with exceptional interactions and convenient shopping solutions. With online shopping continuing to attract new consumers – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – retailers are scrambling to provide as many options as possible to grow their businesses. Buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS) options are one of the new emerging strategies preferred by many businesses that have developed systems for secure parcel management.

How BOPIS Can Create a Better Shopping Experience for Customers

Smart Lockers and BOPIS Solutions – Improving the In-Store Experience

The goals of providing in-store pickup options for consumers are simple: get customers involved in a positive shopping experience, get them into your store for possible additional purchases, and extend their brand loyalty by providing convenient solutions that suit their schedule. In theory, those things provide positive experience for consumers.

Here are a few reasons why customers choose BOPIS options

  •  Convenience of purchase- Customers who order online for pickup in store usually do so because it’s the fastest way to shop. Customers can determine their own pickup time, which can even be after hours if a package delivery locker is accessible. Avoiding lines, saving time, and minimizing interaction with retail associates are all reasons why a customer would choose BOPIS shopping methods.
  •  The simplicity factor-  Buying online for in-store pickup using smart lockers is a smooth, stress-free experience – if parcel management is executed properly by the retailer. Customers appreciate the fact that in most cases they can complete the entire process from the convenience of their mobile phone, from ordering and payment to final pickup. If the materials are available, there should be no delay in fulfillment, and customers grow to trust retailers they can count on to have their goods ready and waiting when they arrive to collect.
  •  Saving money on shipping costs- Customers who choose BOPIS options are often looking to reduce the cost of shipping or to reap the benefits of lower pricing made possible by picking up the package themselves. Savvy stores are offering BOPIS-only discounts on certain goods that can entice shoppers.
  •  Safety and security- During the pandemic, not too many people were ready to venture out into malls to shop despite having ample time to do so. BOPIS solutions provide shoppers with a similar experience to traditional shopping without having to interact with sales associates or throngs of other customers at the mall. They simply ordered online and went to the store for a pre-arranged pickup.

Snaile Lockers Can Help Provide Better Shopping Experiences

Incorporating Snaile smart lockers into a retail BOPIS strategy is the smart way to appeal to the online shopping masses. Snaile smart lockers are a convenient, affordable way to reduce interactions and speed up the sales cycle. Learn more by visiting our website.

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