Digital Lockers: The Lifesaver of the Restaurant Industry During COVID-19

Access to food is considered essential during a pandemic. If you tend to order food from restaurants with any degree of frequency, then you no doubt witnessed how severely the COVID-19 restrictions impacted your local eateries. The restaurant industry suffered heavy blows with full-scale shutdowns, passport and mask mandates, and lingering capacity restrictions driving away business in Burnaby, throughout the rest of the province, and beyond. Thankfully, digital ordering and customer pickup were lifesavers for the restaurant industry thanks, in part, to the use of contactless lockers in Burnaby.

contactless lockers in Burnaby

No-Touch Option Offers Peace of Mind When It Comes to Food Delivery

The use of touchless smart lockers quickly allowed restaurants to pivot and deal with demand despite having to shutter their doors to walk-in traffic. Customers could order online and receive a code via text that allowed them to retrieve their food from a secure locker once their online order was ready. Contactless lockers in Vancouver and other cities across British Columbia have helped restaurant owners service customers while adhering to COVID social distancing measures.

Such innovation was vital to the industry; despite what people think, restaurants operate on thin profit margins, and not being able to pack a dining room during peak dining periods can make or break a restaurant. By incorporating digital locker distribution into their service plan, restaurants could offer their customers a secure, seamless and contactless experience when picking up food.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly escalated the fear factor for people with chronic and pre-existing symptoms; for those individuals, ordering take-out to be delivered by a stranger through Door Dash or Uber Eats could often be a cause for heightened anxiety. People have to put a lot of faith into their third-party delivery driver to accept food at their front door. With smart locker pick-up options, however, customers could feel confident collecting their own orders knowing their food was not touched by anyone but the restaurant staff who prepared and packaged it.

Customers Benefit from Using Contactless Lockers

As the pandemic measures start to ease, restaurants using touchless smart lockers are going to have to decide to what degree they will continue to offer such services to their customers. Demand is certainly there; while restrictions might soon become a thing of the past, there will no doubt be lingering hesitation among a percentage of the population not quite ready to sit in a crowded dining room.

Restaurants using contactless lockers in Vancouver or contactless lockers in Burnaby would be smart to continue their use to ensure they can continue fulfillment at a high level. Lockers make it easy for staff and add efficiency by streamlining the order distribution process. Other industries can certainly benefit from the use of smart lockers.

Refrigerated compartments like the ones offered by Snaile Lockers are easily integrated, helping to facilitate grocery click-and-collect lockers, meal kit deliveries, and even medical prescription delivery. The technology is helping reshape not only the restaurant industry, but also those industries that rely on getting packages to clients safely and securely.

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