Snaile Joins Forces with 1VALET to Streamline Parcel Delivery

Updated: Jan 14

Streamline parcel delivery

Toronto, Ontario, Jan 15, 2019 – Award-winning automated parcel locker firm Snaile ( is collaborating with 1VALET (, a Quebec-based business providing a full multi-residential building automation platform, to simplify the process of receiving packages. This partnership between the two Canadian companies allows parcels to be safely deposited at recipients’ multi-family building and delivery notifications integrated with the 1VALET platform.

“After evaluating parcel locker providers in Canada, Snaile demonstrated to us they have the right solution for the Canadian building industry,” said Erin Fenn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 1VALET. Snaile has addressed Canadian data privacy issues, electrical certification requirements, French & English interfaces & customer support and is already working with major influencers in the Canadian developer, property management, retail and postal markets”

Snaile’s parcel lockers allow carriers to deliver – and recipients to collect – parcels securely at any time without the risk of theft. After they select the correct municipal address from the integrated directory, the carrier deposits the package and closes the door, the compartment locks automatically. The recipient will then receive a notification on their 1VALET app alerting them of the delivery, along with a unique passcode. When the recipient enters the code via the locker’s keypad, they can access and retrieve their parcel.

The building will also no longer need to divert management staff resources to accept, log, store and distribute parcels. Instead, its recipients will be notified by 1VALET’s resident app and can collect the parcel at a convenient time, using automation to improve a once increasingly complicated and inefficient system.

Eliminating the chance of theft, the cost and liability of managing parcels, and the time wasted waiting to deliver or collect parcels, Snaile’s automated parcel lockers are proving attractive to building residents. Packages left in hallways can create fire and tripping hazards, meaning that Snaile installations are helping to make buildings safer and avoiding the risk of fire-code violation fines.

1VALET is adding Snaile’s parcel lockers to its impressive host of features, including a virtual key system, smart water pressure valves and excellent security systems. It also has an online marketplace for in-home services such as house cleaning, chef services or hair styling. 1VALET is a staunch advocate of using green energy to support sustainable communities, including the latest solar and wind technologies, as well as electric charging stations and smart car sharing options.

1VALET, founded by Devcore Group’s President Jean-Pierre Poulin, is currently rolling out its technology to 1500 residential units across the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

Snaile lockers have already been installed at 1VALET’s showroom at their headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec, and there are plans to also incorporate Snaile lockers in 1VALET’s Toronto showroom that is soon to open.



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