How Smart Lockers are Changing Logistics

Parcel logistics are changing. All across Canada and around the world, there’s a shift in the way parcel logistics are being managed and delivered to end-use customers. The use of some type of secure locker system is becoming more commonplace in public spaces, retail operations, businesses, and highly-populated residential areas than ever before. This is partially driven by e-commerce, by COVID-19 realities, and simple want for convenience. And all of it is increasingly being facilitated by the ongoing evolution of the smart parcel locker.

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Five Ways Smart Locker Systems Are Changing the Game

Integrated digital technology has moved the traditional metal storage locker into a new realm of capability. Parcel lockers in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and other major centres across the country, have become much more than simply a convenient way to pick up packages, exchange technology, or facilitate the delivery of equipment, food, or retail items. Here are some of the ways new smart parcel locker systems are changing logistical services.

  • Automated BOPIS solutions: The emergence of buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) solutions helped many retailers stay connected to their customers during times of COVID-19 restrictions. Many retailers have continued to include BOPIS into their business plans to satisfy the demands of a new generation of consumers with high expectations of convenience and service. Using smart parcel lockers to provide customers with instant pickup options and the ability to receive their orders outside of normal work hours is reshaping the traditional retail model.
  • Residential concierge services: Finding ways to better serve residents in high-density residential communities is the reason many property managers are incorporating smart parcel locker systems among their menu of services and amenities. Such lockers allow couriers to deliver packages without the need to go beyond primary security access points as well as providing organized ways to receive and deliver packages for residents. With unique security codes and digital messaging options, smart parcel locker systems are becoming another key selling feature for many property developments when marketing to prospective residents.
  • Lockers serving as peer-to-peer exchange hubs: Facilitating the exchange of goods without travelling long distances, or providing individuals with new ways to send and receive items without incurring shipping costs, are among the driving forces for regions where smart parcel lockers are growing in popularity. In businesses, such hubs allow for secure drop-off and pickup of equipment and sensitive documents can be securely shared. There is no end to the ways these hubs can help improve the logistics of parcel exchange.
  • Postal solutions: Post offices have already introduced residential property owners to super mailboxes. Smart parcel lockers are the next step in making last-mile deliveries more efficient. Reducing delivery costs is a primary benefit of incorporating large-scale smart parcel locker locations into residential developments and communities. Strategically placed systems can help logistics companies provide better security than front-door delivery companies that drop off packages without any security protecting them. Such options can offer greener solutions than door-to-door delivery as well as fewer stops are required.

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