Ontario Power Generation & Snaile Partner to Install Parcel Lockers Serviced by Canpar & Roadrunners

Snaile, Canada’s parcel lockers company, has entered into a partnership with Ontario Power Generation to supply automated parcel lockers. In addition to securing inbound deliveries, this exciting partnership features integration with Canpar Express & Roadrunners in order to automate all outbound shipments as well. (updated 2019/11/26 – FedEx Canada starts commercial parcel pickups at OPG – read more)

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is a crown corporation owned by the Government of Ontario. OPG generates roughly 50% of Ontario’s power, over $5B in revenue and employs around 11,000 employees. OPG provides a comprehensive power solution through 73 power generating plants with nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, biomass and wind capability. “I was challenged to come up with new and more efficient ways of doing things when it came to accepting inbound and processing outbound packages, after much research, it was a no brainer to go with Snaile. The software is super user friendly and easy to navigate, and the support staff is also very helpful, friendly, and easy to deal with.” said Frank Donia, Business Support Supervisor, OPG

Canpar Express, a division of TFI International, is OPG’s preferred courier company. With 20,000 customers and 1700 employees, Canpar Express provides service to virtually all points accessible by public road, including all ten provinces of Canada and into the continental United States.

Roadrunners, a division of Zap Courier, is OPG’s preferred same-day courier for the Greater Toronto Area (“GTA”). Roadrunners has been servicing the GTA for over 35 years with live dispatchers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Commercial and office buildings continue to move toward automated parcel lockers to help manage inbound and outbound deliveries. There are several reasons for this navigation, with parcel lockers providing an effective and secure end-to-end solution for any delivery system.

Many high-rise office towers are changing the way they handle security, including more robust building access protocols and restrictions on how carriers can deliver to office buildings. Instead of delivering directly to a company or department, carriers are increasingly constrained and no longer allowed access to each floor.

A centralized, secured, and automated parcel locker situated in the lobby is a great solution.

In addition to security and access considerations, there has also been an increase in personal employee deliveries to office buildings over the last few years. Changing delivery patterns have been attributed to the growth of e-commerce shopping and the rise of parcel theft from residential homes.

According to CTV News, there has been a sharp rise in parcel theft by “porch pirates” in recent years. While there are no Canada-wide statistics on these thefts, a report from InsuranceQuotes indicated that 25.9 million Americans had parcels stolen from their doorstep in 2017, which was up 10% from 2015.

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