FedEx Canada Starts Commercial Package Pickups from Snaile Canada’s Smart Lockers at Ontario Power Generation

Joining CanPar and RoadRunners Toronto, FedEx starts pickups of commercial shipments at Ontario Power Generation’s Snaile parcel lockers.

This signifies the start of changes in commercial deliveries and pickups in Canada.   Snaile has been actively working at the corporate level with all carriers including Canpar, DHL, FedEx, Intelcom, Purolator and UPS on multi-residential deliveries for some time now and recently has entered the commercial space by launching various Pilot Programs.

The main difference in the commercial delivery space is that often deliveries require a signature and that there are normally preferred carriers by commercial customer for which exist pickup accounts.

Snaile provides both deliveries and pickups in the commercial space and is pioneering the roll out of automate lockers for commercial shipments in Canada along with its carrier partners.

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