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BuildingLink Canada and Snaile Canada Partner to Deliver Smart Parcel Management to Multi-Residential Buildings
Snaile, Canada’s Parcel Locker Company, and BuildingLink Canada have joined forces to provide multi-residential building managers with a simple and secure solution to manage parcel deliveries. 
“We are excited about bringing this integration to market,” says Nicholas Gill, Director of Sales and Marketing, BuildingLink Canada. “This partnership between the two industry-leading solution providers will deliver a high-value solution to multi-residential homes.”
Parcel management in multi-residential buildings has always been a challenge, but pandemic-related lockdowns led to an unexpected deluge of deliveries over the past two years.
According to Statistics Canada, e-commerce sales more than doubled year over year in 2020, and with more than 80 per cent of all Canadians now shopping online the trend is here to stay. It all adds up to a mountain of parcels and a logistical nightmare for concierges and building management.
The BuildingLink-Snaile integration offers a simple and synchronized solution to relieve the strain.
Deliveries made to Snaile smart lockers are instantly updated in the BuildingLink Event Log. Recipients receive an automated notification via email, SMS, or mobile app with a unique, one-time PIN or QR code which is used to collect the parcel when convenient.
Snaile lockers are the only parcel locker to have been approved by all major Canadian carrier companies, meaning packages handled by large companies like UPS and FedEx as well as specialty deliveries from local retailers can all be securely deposited and easily retrieved.
“The BuildingLink-Snaile integration is a cost-effective way to streamline the delivery and management of parcels in multi-family buildings, making for a better experience for residents and less work for building managers and security desks,” says Snaile CEO Patrick Armstrong.

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