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Canadian Carriers Officially Deliver to Snaile Canada’s Parcel Lockers in Multi-Residential Applications

After the completion of a successful Pilot Program at select Canadian multi-residential buildings (October 2019) Snaile received the corporate green light sanctioning the delivery to Snaile lockers by all major Canadian carriers including Canpar, DHL, FedEx, Intelcom (a major Amazon carrier), Purolator and UPS. This means that drivers know in advance direct from their head office that they are to deliver to a Snaile locker before they even show up to a Snaile install.

Carrier logos and their respective/unique delivery workflows are now displayed and accessed by Canadian carriers at each Snaile locker site throughout Canada. All other carriers such as the local flower shop or prepared meals service that do not have their logo displayed, can also make deposits via the “Other Carrier” workflow button. Snaile assigns on-boarding specialists to each new location on the go-live date to greet carriers and walk them through a typical deposit process, introduce the smart amenity to residents and staff and to train property managers with all the tools and features the Snaile Cloud offers.

This is the first and only official sanctioning by Canadian carriers of automated parcel lockers in Canada for use in multi-residential applications.

Other parcel locker companies make a building’s locker introduction by phoning the carrier’s local supervisor (under the radar) in hopes the drivers will actually receive the message and then actively adopt the new parcel delivery method. This method can never reach all the carriers. Our findings prove that Snaile’s live on-boarding session is critical to making the parcel locker program a successful one.

Many carriers (at a corporate level) are unaware that these non-Snaile lockers exist, as such there is no official adoption, standard operating procedure or official delivery stamp (ie marked as delivered to a locker). This makes consistency virtually impossible since the drivers change and thus familiarity is lost. Many other non-Snaile parcel locker companies that do not have official carrier buy-off in Canada have been known to post the carrier login code on the non-Snaile lockers (property managers have been known to adopt this method as well in efforts to facilitate carrier deposits), further substantiating that there is no systemic adoption of their locker systems in Canada.

Snaile, Canada’s Parcel Locker Company.

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