Snaile Provides Custom Smart Lockers for WESCO Canada

Snaile installed yesterday for WESCO Canada custom lockers tailored to accommodate their unique requirements. WESCO Canada is the largest electrical, industrial and communications maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) distributor in Canada. 2,000 employees and 130 locations service the entire country from coast to coast.

The first site will go live in the Vancouver British Columbia area, and will provide a mix of locker compartment sizes, including an oversized locker and a specialized pipe smart locker.

WESCO Canada and Snaile worked together to design a pipe locker that could dispense standard, 10-foot pipe orders in a safe and secure way. Each locker is equipped with an anti-tip out safety mechanism which the recipient must disable to retrieve the pipe inside, ensuring their safety. Snaile refers to this as being equivalent to a dead man’s switch since the person must make an informed decision to deactivate the locker manually.

WESCO will be able to securely store customer phone-in and web orders for 24/7 pickup. Since WESCO’s customers often need to retrieve their products out of hours or on weekends, to service an emergency call, for example, the convenience of the smart lockers will be invaluable. 

Image: Lockers almost done at Wesco Canada!

Custom smart lockers

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