Canadian pharmacy chooses Snaile smart lockers for secure after-hours pick-ups


What happens when someone drops into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, only to discover that their in-store pharmacy has already closed? Typically, they’d leave empty-handed and frustrated about the inconvenience of having to make a second trip.

That’s the scenario that a major Canadian pharmacy recently remedied with the installation of Snaile smart lockers in two locations.

The 20-door units give people the flexibility to securely pick up their medical prescription and refills at a time that is convenient, even if that means coming in during the early morning or late evening hours when in-store pharmacies are closed.

The Snaile system is also an option for customers who prefer to retrieve their order directly from a smart locker instead of waiting in line at the pharmacy counter.

How Snaile smart lockers work for prescription pick-ups

Customers provide their consent for the contactless smart locker pick-up when they fill their prescription, either during an in-person consultation or over the phone.

To ensure patient privacy, no names are entered into the Snaile system. Instead, the pharmacist uses the customer’s email or mobile phone number to create an anonymous transaction number linked to a unique barcode.

The pharmacist scans the barcode to open a smart locker. Once the order is placed inside and the door is closed, the customer automatically receives a text or email with a unique PIN or QR code that can be used to retrieve the order at their convenience.

With the ability to track when the prescription has been picked up, the pharmacist is able to contact the patient and clear the locker if too many days have passed.

What Snaile smart lockers can’t do for pharmacy pick-ups

Smart lockers may not be used for the delivery of controlled substances.

Standard Snaile smart lockers are not suitable for medications that need to be kept cold, although refrigerated smart lockers are available.

What Snaile smart lockers can do for pharmacy pick-ups

Snaile smart lockers are an ideal solution for most medical prescriptions, including refills. For pharmacists whose business is located inside a mall, they offer a simple, secure way to deliver prescriptions outside of regular pharmacy hours, without compromising care or patient confidentiality.

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