COVID-19 Notice - Snaile remains fully open for business. We are working safely and - wherever possible - remotely. Tier 1 customer support remains unaffected. We are making every effort to meet our regular production timelines; however, like many, our parts supply chain and assembly staff has been impacted by COVID-related restrictions, and, as such, we are experiencing some unavoidable delays. We appreciate your patience and ongoing support during these challenging times.

Placing Lockers Within View

You want to place your Snaile parcel lockers in clear view of a carrier’s standard path of delivery. Not only is this for greater security, but it's also so your carriers can quickly and easily find them and deliver or...

Placing Lockers Outside

OUTDOOR SHELTER If you live in an environment that routinely has temperatures that fluctuate between -20°C and -40°C and you want to place your parcel lockers outside, Snaile lockers can work. Snaile's standard locker can withstand temperatures down to -20°C,...

Are your parcel lockers legal to plug-in?

What ever equipment you plug into the Canadian electrical system it must be compliant, this includes parcel lockers. Snaile lockers carry the Electrical Safety Authority’s ESAFE mark. By law, all electrical products must be certified or field evaluated to electrical...

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