1VALET and Snaile Canada Launch Parcel Room Access Technology for Overflow and Oversized Parcels

1VALET and Snaile, Canada’s Parcel Locker Company, announce the launch of their parcel room access technology, which combines the benefits of a smart parcel locker system and a parcel room, with the added capability to handle oversized deliveries and parcel overflow at the holidays.

Parcel rooms on their own are not an ideal solution as they allow access to many carriers, many of whom are un-branded (unknown), as well as to all residents, potentially exposing parcels to theft and damage numerous times a day, as well as being challenging for residents to locate their delivery in a room full of parcels. This also creates a security risk if the access code is to given to anyone else, putting the entire room full of parcels at risk.

Snaile’s lockers can accommodate most large deliveries with its oversized 1-door locker, however deliveries like couches or mattresses may not fit in a locker, which makes a locker system in a parcel room the best of both worlds, especially with the extra space for the predictable seasonal surge of parcel deliveries.

The 1VALET-Snaile parcel room solution is accessed by the carrier and by the resident using the same intuitive smart technology as all Snaile lockers. Carrier access is regulated via login, property managers can access via code or key card.

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