Snaile integrates with Condo Control Central to Bring Parcel Delivery Solution to Building Residents

Snaile integrates

Toronto, ON – December 6, 2018 Snaile Parcel Lockers ( is pleased to announce they have integrated with Condo Control Central ( to bring residents of Condo Control Central’s properties a more efficient and secure way to receive their delivered parcels.

By partnering with Snaile, Condo Control Central’s residents could benefit from secure parcel lockers that incorporate Cloud technology to alert them of deliveries in real-time. With more than 700 Canadian installations, Condo Control Central is Canada’s leading condominium, co-op and homeowner association property management software company. The first host building has been secured in Toronto, Ontario and will launch in Q1, 2019.

With Snaile automated parcel lockers, any carrier can deliver to the locker at any time. When the carrier deposits the parcel and closes the door, it locks automatically. The carrier selects the recipient’s municipal address from the integrated directory. The intended recipient of the parcel then receives a text or an email to alert them of the delivery, along with a unique passcode. On entering the passcode into the locker’s keypad, the recipient is able to access and retrieve their parcel, anytime 24/7.

Snaile’s automated parcel lockers will be an attractive amenity for new and existing residents since they eliminate the chance of theft. They also provide multi-residential property managers a solution for the problems associated with the cost and the liability of managing parcels from different carrier sources. Since packages left in vestibules and hallways can create a fire and safety hazard, Snaile lockers will make buildings safer and help avoid fire code violation fines.

We are very pleased to work with Condo Control Central and complete the first all-Canadian, end-to-end, multi-tenant residential parcel locker solution. Our partnership with Condo Control Central means that property managers in their serviced buildings will be faced with minimal administration in order for their residents to enjoy Snaile lockers. In fact, Snaile lockers can be up and running the same day they are installed”, said Patrick Armstrong CEO of Snaile.

Snaile will automatically stay abreast of Condo Control Central’s current tenant roster thanks to the integration, and there will be no need to update or register tenants. By avoiding the extra work and inefficiencies associated with double-entry and administrative errors, 100 percent of the municipal addresses which are serviced jointly by Condo Control Central and Snaile parcel lockers will receive accurate electronic notifications when a parcel is delivered to a locker. Lockers of all types and sizes can be obtained to store food, laundry or any other item.

Parcel shipping volumes continue to rise in Canada as Canadians choose to shop online instead of visiting stores in person to make purchases. In the first quarter of 2018, Canada Post, Canada’s largest parcel delivery company, saw parcel volumes increase by 33 percent as compared to the same period in 2017. The number of Millennials in Canada is a big contributing factor. Millennials became the largest cohort of Canadian workers in 2016 and 67 percent of Millennials prefer to shop online. Managing parcel deliveries in multi-tenant properties can be particularly onerous: Snaile’s smart parcel lockers could be the perfect solution.

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