Snaile smart lockers a game-changer for FirstService Residential property manager

Snaile smart lockers a game-changer for FirstService Residential property manager

FirstService Residential is one of North America’s largest property management companies, partnering with more than 8,500 communities across Canada and the USA.
As an industry leader, FirstService Residential strives to deliver proven solutions and exceptional service that adds value, enhances lifestyles, and makes a difference for every resident and community it manages.

The Challenge
As a property manager with FirstService Residential, Trishna Asher knows how difficult it can be to manage parcel deliveries in a large, multi-residential building.
After more than a decade in the industry, Asher has seen many mail rooms piled high with packages. “Parcels get misplaced all the time,” she says. “Sometimes things are delivered to the wrong unit by mistake. Most people don’t know that it is illegal to open somebody else’s mail in Canada. It can cause a lot of problems.”

The Solution
In March 2021, Asher began managing a 159-unit apartment building in Brampton Ontario. Instead of a traditional mail room, the property has 32 Snaile smart lockers. The building is one of three Canadian properties managed by FirstService Residential to use the Snaile system, with more coming this year.

“The Snaile lockers are something I have really come to appreciate,” Asher says.

Located between the front door and the controlled fob entrance, the lockers eliminate the need for couriers to access the building while offering a secure and efficient way to make a delivery. After placing a parcel in the smart locker, they use the unit number to send the recipient a text notification with a unique PIN or QR code that tenants can use for retrieval.
As the building manager, Asher also receives a delivery notification through the Snaile app. “I can monitor how many parcels have been delivered each day, and whether they have been picked up,” she says.

The Results
Asher says the Snaile smart lockers save her a lot of time, and have significantly reduced parcel-related complaints. “The system is so simple, even the residents are using it. If they want to leave something for a friend when they are not home, instead of leaving it outside their apartment door they just place it in a locker.”
“My residents like it, but honestly, I like it more. I only have good things to say about Snaile.”
– Trishna Asher, Property Manager, First Service Residential

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