Snaile Canada is Launching Rear Load Smart Parcel Lockers in Q3 2020

With the growing demand of retail and mailroom applications in Canada, Snaile will be launching a rear load upgrade feature for its automated parcel lockers.

The demand first came from a Canadian university that wanted mailroom staff to be able to rear-load lockers from a separate and secure backroom and students to collect from the front of the lockers in a public area as they normally would with Snaile lockers.

The Snaile lockers will be full featured on the front pickup side equipped with cameras, touch screen, scanner, keypad and speakers.  On the rear loading side there will be a second set of compartment doors (two doors per compartment) and a second screen to allow for deposits.

The rear load package locker application also works well for multi-residential buildings where Snaile lockers could be installed in a curtain wall or in the partition wall between the vestibule and lobby or move-in/out room and lobby for example, therefore addressing carrier access to the lockers and building security at the same time.

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