Self Service Lockers – the Future of School Security

Self Service Lockers

In the past, students accessing their belongings in traditional school lockers faced the daily struggle of balancing a stack of books with one hand while trying to navigate a combination lock with the other. But that was then. Today, all types of educational institutions, from daycares to universities, are beginning to implement smart, safe and secure school locker storage solutions for their students.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Today’s self-service storage solutions are nothing at all like those old traditional lockers. Much like the students themselves, these amazing locker systems are all about leading-edge technology. They are protected by a bank-grade keypad and digital cameras, and driven by the same operating systems used by ATMS, airport kiosks, banks and hospitals. And they are so user friendly – students can access smart lockers for schools with a quick scan of a barcode or by entering a secure and unique PIN on the keypad.

Customized Layouts

If you have ever seen a bank of self-service lockers at a mall, hospital or airport, you’ll know why so many administrators are upgrading to this new technology in school security. Nothing at all like those traditional space-wasting lockers, new smart lockers for schools are sleek and modern, and an entire wall of smart lockers can be accessed using a single keypad, making them even more valuable to schools with space limitations. Snaile smart lockers storage solutions come in a variety of configurations, so you can work with a designer to customize a system that works best with your existing property and your students. You can even choose paint that reflects your school colours.

Accessible to Everyone

One aspect that students find most appealing about using smart lockers storage solutions is their easy accessibility. For example, in colleges and universities it is beneficial to place a unit of smart lockers in a secure common area that is available at any time of day or night. A courier can leave a care package from home, resource materials bought online or a pizza for late-night exam prep, and the student can quickly retrieve it. To ensure accessibility for all students it is important for schools to choose a manufacturer like Snaile for lockers with correct screen height, raised dots on the keypads and even a setting specifically configured for people using mobility devices that ensures that parcels are never deposited too high and out of reach.

In today’s world, the choice of school lockers is as much about security as it is about storage. Smart lockers for schools bring the best of both worlds and provide secure storage for belongings or package retrieval, while keeping staff and students safe.

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