Retrofitting Move In/Out Rooms

In Canada, a popular time and money-saving practice that many multi-residential buildings choose is to retrofit their move in/move out rooms and turn them into dual-purpose rooms that also support parcel lockers. The outside door is typically close to the lobby door, and this makes it easy for carriers to deliver their packages and tenants to collect from within. A few considerations you want to keep in mind include:

  • Make sure the exterior door can remain open during the day and locked securely at night or after hours.
  • Ensure that the interior door has a secure lock that is only accessible by the building’s tenants to gain access to the building
  • You should have supplemental surveillance cameras in addition to the standard Snaile cameras.
  • You have to have clear signage “Designated Parcel Delivery Point” on the lobby entrance door and on the move in/move out room door to make it quick and easy for the carriers to find.
  • It’s important to take steps to prevent parcels lockers from being blocked by tenant furniture during move ins/out.

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