Package Handling by Toronto Condo News

Read the original as published by Toronto Condo News October 1, 2019, page 7

Package handling is one area where disruptive technology offers immediate benefits. Package delivery is fraught with problems. Carrier tracking systems may show “lost” packages as delivered. A growing mountain of packages in back rooms, storage areas, hallways and offices is a costly problem. At an estimated cost of $20,000 to $50,000 per year, reducing the number of times a package has to be handled, and eliminating management or concierge involvement, offers immediate benefits. Canadian company Snaile Inc. offers a practical solution being implemented by communities concerned with package handling. A bank of automated parcel lockers, smart lockers, of various sizes is set up in a designated area. On delivery each package is scanned by the delivery person, a compartment size is selected then a door in the bank of smart lockers opens for package placement. An electronic message is automatically sent to the recipient along with a one-time use PIN for retrieval. For security 24/7 video is taken of the delivery person placing a package in a locker and the individual retrieving it. Concierge staff and building management are relieved of the responsibility to accept, store and retrieve packages for residents, or inform when packages have arrived. Finding physical space to store packages, and dealing with misplaced packages, is no longer a burden

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