Where to Install Parcel Lockers?

Install parcel locker

For decades, there have been strict rules and regulations surrounding multi-residential building letter mail delivery. Traditionally, Canada Post was the only entity that had direct access to residential buildings by using their proprietary mailroom key. However, a drastic increase in parcel volumes combined with a plethora of new carriers are forcing these practices to change and evolve.

So, what are the best practices to implement with respect to carrier access to parcel lockers in Canadian buildings? We’re going to outline the best practices next.

  • Concierge or Security Staff – If the parcel lockers are put in a locked location, you could have the concierge or security staff provide carriers access to the parcel lockers. Monitoring through Snaile parcel locker cameras + building security cameras keeps track of who goes in and out of the parcel locker area.
  • Unlocked Vestibule Locker Installation -Another possible solution is installing multi-residential parcel lockers in the building’s vestibule. This is between the unlocked outer doors and the locked inner doors at the entrance of the building. This type of installation provides an ideal space for convenient tenant and carrier access along with protection from the elements.
  • Retrofit Move In/Move Out Rooms – Some buildings have move in/move out rooms that they retrofit to be dual purpose rooms. These rooms turn into parcel locker and moving rooms. It’s convenient for carriers because these rooms typically already have an exterior door by the lobby door and can also be access from within the building by tenants – read more in our RETROFITTING MOVE IN/MOVE OUT ROOMS post.
  • Create an Unlocked Room off the Vestibule- Some buildings find it easier to expand their current vestibule into their lobbies or outside to accommodate just the lockers themselves which only require a 600mm deep alcove. Another option is to retrofit their current mailrooms to accommodate parcel lockers.
  • Building Automation – With apps, smartphones, and WiFi-enabled devices getting more popular, building automation is a popular option. Keyless apps or locks allow tenants to grant carriers access into the building and into the parcel room. Snaile has partnered with Canadian building automation companies for seamless parcel locker integration.
  • Outside Locker Installation – Some buildings don’t have room inside for parcel lockers. Instead, they’re putting Snaile lockers outdoor under a sheltered area, or they’re using Snaile-provided shelters for their parcel locker installations. The idea behind the shelters is to keep the lockers from freezing by keeping water out of the compartment seams.
  • Any multi-residential building that is considering placing outside lockers has to put placement as a top priority. The lockers and shelter can’t be in an unsafe unlit area or an area that is prone to vandalism or theft. Location can be a huge deterrent by itself especially coupled with Snaile surveillance cameras and your own building’s security measures. Read more in our PLACING LOCKERS OUTSIDE post.
  • Buzz to Enter – Some multi-residential buildings list the property manager or superintendent as a key contact for any and all deliveries. Enterphone type systems has the property manager’s name listed alongside a listing that says, “For Parcel Deliveries Buzz….”

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