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The Advantages of Smart Lockers at Pharmacies

Contactless smart lockers for packages have been gaining popularity across many industries and commercial fields due to their variety of uses and versatility. They can be employed in a wide range of settings, including retail, college campuses and also pharmacies.

Smart Lockers

The benefits this technology brings range from general increase in efficiency to the still-relevant need for social distancing as touchless click and collect lockers eliminate the need for person-to-person contact when it comes to the exchange of goods.

Let’s go over some of the key benefits of using package delivery locker systems in a pharmacy setting.

Increased Revenues

Running a business more efficiently is a gain in and of itself, quite literally. The installation of touchless click and collect lockers in nursing homes, pharmacies and other settings where prescription medication needs to be dispensed on a regular basis simply improves the bottom line.

Increased Efficiency of Labour

When a package delivery locker system is implemented, staff can focus on preparing prescriptions and increasing their production capacity instead of spending valuable payable work hours delivering them at the counter. As a result, the same number of employees are able to serve a larger number of patients while not compromising one bit on customer satisfaction.

Computerized Tracking of Medication

Contactless smart lockers for packages are more than just boxes with a lock. Each and every deposit and collection to and from the smart locker is recorded, time-stamped and monitored by CCTV. All of this ensures that every transaction is secure and that the chain of custody of these sensitive items is meticulously logged in the system’s cloud-based software.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Instead of roaming the aisles aimlessly — or worse — waiting for long periods of time in a seemingly endless queue while waiting for a prescription to be prepared, a patient can access the locker at any time, reducing wait times and the frustration that comes with them. Moreover, no queue means maximum physical distancing, an even more valuable bonus in a pharmacy setting now in the still-ongoing pandemic. Once a prescription is dropped off in a package delivery locker, the recipient gets notified and can pick it up at their convenience.

Secure and Confident Transfer of Items

The items, once deposited, are safe within the locker’s stainless steel industrial-grade compartments, which can only be accessed with a secure and unique PIN or QR code, sent exclusively to the intended recipient. And unlike the traditional over-the-counter exchange where other people standing in the same line can see what is being dispensed to the patient, touchless click and collect lockers allow for contactless collection, providing a sense of privacy to anyone using them. Once the prescription has been picked up, a new unique code is generated for the next deposit.

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