Upgrading the Mail Room: New Developments Address Surge in Parcel Deliveries

September 6, 2019 by Jack Landau of urbantoronto.ca

The Greater Toronto Area’s condominium and rental housing boom is occurring alongside another boom: as the brick and mortar retail landscape suffers from the rise of online shopping, parcel deliveries are skyrocketing. According to the Pitney Bowes Parcel Index, growth in parcel volumes nationwide has been increasing by the year, with 17% and 20% increases in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 respectively. Similarly, e-commerce in Canada is expected to surpass traditional brick-and-mortar by 2020, accounting for 16% of retail sales according to Forbes and Statista. 

The surge in both parcel volumes and new multi-unit residential buildings has created a perfect storm. Anyone living in a condo knows how many parcels are typically piling up near concierge desks these days. It has created a strong market for large parcel lockers that can meet the new demand, while reducing concierge staffing costs. Delivery problems can be even more pronounced at older buildings that lack front desks, resulting in residents getting missed delivery slips and instructions for off-site pickup, or worse, packages being left out in vulnerable places and possibly stolen. 

parcel storage lockers, Toronto, condos, rental

Parcel delivery increases in Canada, image courtesy of Snaile

While solutions like dedicated Canada Post parcel lockers have existed for some time, changes in the way people purchase everything from groceries to furniture have led to capacity issues for these parcel lockers. Several newer buildings are already addressing these shortfalls with dedicated parcel storage lockers installed by third parties, with developers noting the importance for residents of having more flexibility in both the size and timing of their parcel deliveries.

One company producing lockers for many developers is Snaile. They will have locker installations in over 70 sites across Canada by the end of the year, including buildings by developers Starlight Investments, KingSett Capital, Concert Properties, Cogir, InterRent REIT, and Oxford Properties.

In Toronto, Snaile’s parcel lockers have become a popular feature at Concert Properties‘ 2013-completed Motion on Bay rental apartments, and are on the way for projects including 700 Bay from KingSett Capital and Lillian Park from Collecdev and Shiplake.

parcel storage lockers, Toronto, condos, rental

Lillian Park under construction, image by Forum contributor MafaldaBoy

Owners of some existing developments are also taking notice, converting space to accommodate the innovation. One such example is Concert Properties’ Jazz, a rental tower at Church and Shuter which recently had its move-in/out room converted into a dual purpose moving and parcel storage room.

parcel storage lockers, Toronto, condos, rental

Parcel lockers at Jazz, image courtesy of Snaile

The vast majority of new buildings now have space for parcel delivery in their designs form day one, and we expect that soon all buildings will take this not account, while management of older buildings, both condos and rental buildings, scramble to adapt their space to handle their owners’ and tenants’ changing shopping habits.

Snaile will be part of the Smart Tech Pavilion at Canada’s 2019 Property Management Expo (PM Expo)

September 3, 2019 – Snaile, Canada’s Parcel Lockers Company, will be included in the Smart Tech Pavilion in the PM Expo hall at the Buildings Show, North America’s largest annual exposition, in Toronto, Ontario from December 4-6, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Come see Snaile product live and in action in the 2nd annual Smart Tech Pavilion at booth #1543 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Level 800 Exhibit Hall E, 222 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, ON
M5V 3L9 https://www.mtccc.com/single-event/the-buildings-show-2019/

Snaile. Canada’s Parcel Locker Company

Osborne Village (Winnipeg) apartment gets city’s first smart locker

By: Nicholas Frew Posted: 08/17/2019 4:00 AM


Standing in lobby of 180 Roslyn, a brand-new upscale apartment complex in Osborne Village, is a grey locker measuring less than two metres tall and a little over a metre wide. It is installed with three security cameras, a computer with a touch screen and 12 compartments of various sizes lined with infrared technology.

Designed by Toronto-based Snaile Canada, the first smart locker in Winnipeg looks and operates like a heavy-duty bank machine. Yet, as more people go online to shop, it may revolutionize package delivery.

Susan Feldman, a co-developer of the complex and a champion for the installation of the machine, said she wanted the smart locker because there have been instances where packages were delivered but had to be left in the hallway, creating a fire hazard and leaving them open to theft.

“Clearly, it provides tremendous convenience,” Feldman said. “And with Amazon, online shopping becoming so popular, we wanted to make life easier and more seamless for our tenants.”

Kirstin Thomas, on-boarding specialist for Snaile, demonstrated how the machine works.

To deliver a package, someone chooses English or French labels, the size of the package and the unit to which it is addressed.

There’s a metallic thud as a door swings open, allowing the delivery person to insert the package into a slot.

Thomas said each slot has an infrared sensor to detect packages. Once detected, a notification will be sent to the package recipient via text message or email that their parcel has arrived. The recipient will receive reminders to pick up their package every 24 hours.

“It’s meant to be stupid simple,” Thomas said. “We’re trying to cover all age groups, all cultures across Canada. So it has to be straightforward.”

Thomas noted that tenants have access to the machine 24-7 and do not have to be on-site to accept a delivery. She said an access code will be sent to the recipient that will be punched in when they pick up the package.

Resident manager Rick Friesen said the smart locker has already been used by a handful of residents.

“It was seamless,” Friesen said. “It was like ordering your food at McDonald’s.”

Thomas says the smart locker has a computer connected to the cloud, where data about packages — such as size — is stored for up to three months.

The master smart locker, as Snaile calls it, is equipped with a set number of slots of various sizes. But should a building require more slots of a certain size, Thomas said, Snaile and the building manager could review the data and order an attachment to the master locker to meet the demand.

Snaile is still in its infancy. Thomas said the company was in the works for a few years, and its first locker was installed about a year ago.

Smart lockers have been installed in other Canadian cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, and Thomas said a locker may soon be installed in Saskatoon.

Snaile partnered with Mississauga, Ont.-based moving company AMJ Campbell, which ships and installs the machines. The company also manufactures refrigerated lockers for people who order groceries online from services such as Hello Fresh.

Ontario Power Generation & Snaile Partner to Install Parcel Lockers Serviced by Canpar & Roadrunners

Snaile, Canada’s parcel lockers company, has entered into a partnership with Ontario Power Generation to supply automated parcel lockers. In addition to securing inbound deliveries, this exciting partnership features integration with Canpar Express & Roadrunners in order to automate all outbound shipments as well.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is a crown corporation owned by the Government of Ontario. OPG generates roughly 50% of Ontario’s power, over $5B in revenue and employs around 11,000 employees. OPG provides a comprehensive power solution through 73 power generating plants with nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, biomass and wind capability. “I was challenged to come up with new and more efficient ways of doing things when it came to accepting inbound and processing outbound packages, after much research, it was a no brainer to go with Snaile. The software is super user friendly and easy to navigate, and the support staff is also very helpful, friendly, and easy to deal with.” said Frank Donia, Business Support Supervisor, OPG

Canpar Express, a division of TFI International, is OPG’s preferred courier company. With 20,000 customers and 1700 employees, Canpar Express provides service to virtually all points accessible by public road, including all ten provinces of Canada and into the continental United States.

Roadrunners, a division of Zap Courier, is OPG’s preferred same-day courier for the Greater Toronto Area (“GTA”). Roadrunners has been servicing the GTA for over 35 years with live dispatchers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Commercial and office buildings continue to move toward automated parcel lockers to help manage inbound and outbound deliveries. There are several reasons for this navigation, with parcel lockers providing an effective and secure end-to-end solution for any delivery system.

Many high-rise office towers are changing the way they handle security, including more robust building access protocols and restrictions on how carriers can deliver to office buildings. Instead of delivering directly to a company or department, carriers are increasingly constrained and no longer allowed access to each floor.

A centralized, secured, and automated parcel locker situated in the lobby is a great solution.

In addition to security and access considerations, there has also been an increase in personal employee deliveries to office buildings over the last few years. Changing delivery patterns have been attributed to the growth of e-commerce shopping and the rise of parcel theft from residential homes.

According to CTV News, there has been a sharp rise in parcel theft by “porch pirates” in recent years. While there are no Canada-wide statistics on these thefts, a report from InsuranceQuotes indicated that 25.9 million Americans had parcels stolen from their doorstep in 2017, which was up 10% from 2015.

Michael Castro Joins the Snaile Team as Chief Information Security Officer

Accomplished IT leader with 20+ years experience building and leading Information Security, Cyber Risk and Compliance at the enterprise level. Has successfully led all aspects of Information Security Programs: policies and procedures, oversight and controls, strategy, architecture development, and training. Unique blend of technical knowledge, business acumen and decisive leadership to improve performance and protect data and networking systems. Michael most recently served as the Head of Information Security and Risk Management (CISO) for Loblaw Companies Limited from 2014-2018. Prior to that he provided Security Advisory Services for Canadian Tire from 2013-2014, was the Country CISO for Ally Bank Canada from 2011-2014 and Security Lead for Suncor Energy from 2001-2011.

The UPS Store Canada Selects Snaile Parcel Lockers for Their Walmart Locations

Snaile has installed its first set of smart lockers for The UPS Store Canada located in Walmart stores.

By installing Snaile smart lockers, The UPS Store Canada will be able to fulfill its customer order pickup requirements. They will provide printing, packing and shipping services, similar to the Walmart-FedEx agreement in the United States.

The installation of Snaile lockers in The UPS Store Canada will also bring benefits to Walmart by facilitating their ‘buy online and pick up in-store’ requirements (BOPIS). The lockers can drive more traffic to Walmart while reducing some of the logistical challenges Walmart may face in providing their customers with the option to BOPIS.

Snaile lockers will be installed outside the front of the store’s security gates so customers can access them after business hours.

The installation of Snaile lockers comes at a time when the 2019 iVend Retail Global Report found an increase of 30% in customers using click and collect since last year (2018). 44.4% of consumers said they were motivated to use click and collect to save time, and 47.4% use click and collect to save on shipping charges.

Yet surprisingly, a survey carried out by Order Dynamics’ Omni found that globally, Canada is in last place when it comes to omnichannel practices and capabilities. Canada was placed behind the US, the UK, Australia, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Only 23.5% of Canadian retailers have BOPIS or click and collect capabilities.

Condominium SecurityAutomated Parcel Lockers for Multi-Tenant Residential Applications

Up to a Million Parcels a Day Have to End Up Somewhere

According to the Pitney Bowes Index, parcel volumes flowing out from e-Com-merce companies and into the hands of eagerly awaiting consumers will rise be-tween 17%-28% each year from 2017 to 2021. That is a lot of parcels! To put it into perspective, Canada Post delivered 1 million parcels per day, including week-ends, from mid-November through the 2017 holiday season. That, according to Deloitte, is due to consumers spending 51% of their gift budget on the Internet. In the US the numbers are much more staggering at 850 million packages de-livered in 2017.

Those parcels have to land somewhere. In multi-tenant residential applications, if there is not currently a logistics and cost problem dealing with the incoming parcel traffic, then the forecasted growth by Pitney Bowes may pose a challenge sooner rather than later.

In a building with concierge and/or se-curity services, not only do parcels take up lots of room and cause clutter, they take up a lot of costly administration time recording the parcel’s arrival, storing the parcel, and notifying the resident to come pick it up – hopefully on the first notice.

The temporary possession of the parcel by a building’s staff also opens up a case for liability. Additionally, some build-ings report that a lot of food perishables like groceries are being delivered which require refrigeration.

In non-concierge buildings the parcel problem is even worse. Similar to multi-resident open air developments, parcels can and do go missing. Most online re-tailers ship their goods in well-branded boxes which is a lure to thieves scoping out a home’s porch, or the unsecured and unsupervised building vestibule. Fur-thermore, managers are dealing with violations to the fire code with parcels piling up in vestibules or laying in hall-ways.

Some postal companies offer parcel lock-ers for their own shipments but that does not cover all the other modes of delivery such as FedEx, UPS, Purolator, and Can-par to name a few. That leaves a big gap in which parcels can be managed.

SmartONE and Snaile Partner to Provide Integrated Parcel Lockers for Use in Canadian Smart Buildings

Toronto, Ontario, February 5, 2019— SmartONE Solutions Inc.(www.smartonesolutions.ca), dedicated to the development of next-generation Smart Communities, has partnered with Canada’s award-winning parcel locker company Snaile (www.snailelockers.com) to provide Automated Parcel Lockers, which will be integrated into SmartONE’s smart multi-residential buildings.

SmartONE was founded by former Tridel Chief Information Officer and 2016 Private Sector Canadian CIO of the year, Mr. Ted Maulucci. Under his leadership, SmartONE is already a two-time DIGIE Award Winner at RealComm 2018, and has completed its flagship deployment with Tridel’s first smart condominium Ten York. Utilizing the SmartONE Community Platform under the white label brand Tridel Connect, the Ten York Community is currently one of the most advanced residential digital community in Canada.

The SmartONE Community Platform features a robust, full building network connecting every digital technology element across the residential community from security cameras to access control, door locks and parking control systems, including power back up and, now, Snaile Automated Parcel Lockers.

Snaile is Canada’s 2016 International Postal Technology Award winner and runner-up at the 2017 Pitney Bowes sponsored World Post & Parcel Awards. The company currently has Automated Parcel Locker customers in most major cities across Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Building on this customer base, and with the development of new industry partnerships in the high-density residential sector, the Snaile network is on target to become the largest parcel locker network in Canada by end of Q2 2019, servicing over 30,000 single family households with reach from coast to coast.

Snaile’s Automated Parcel Lockers allow for the secure, automated delivery and pickup of any parcel, perishables, laundry and dry cleaning, with notifications via the Cloud. Snaile lockers are 100% serviced, distributed and installed from Canada via one of 40 teams across the country, and come standard with 24/7 French and English web/phone support, a bilingual user interface, and Cloud services hosted in Canada for PIPEDA Law compliance.

Snaile’s commitment to smart technology solutions for the Canadian parcel delivery sector is a perfect complement and addition to the SmartONE Community Platform. The integration of their Automated Parcel Lockers into next-generation SmartONE multi-residential buildings and smart communities is a win-win partnership deal for all concerned.

“We are very pleased to partner with Snaile and offer our smart community customers a truly end-to-end state-of-the-art Canadian solution,” said Mr. Ted Maulucci, President of SmartONE Solutions.



Ted Maulucci



Kirstin Thomas


Go-live with Snaile On-site

Snaile is the only Canadian parcel locker company that provides on-site Customer Integration Specialists for the first few days of going live. By helping carriers and parcel recipients to familiarize themselves with lockers and typical usage scenarios, nothing is left to chance. Call centre support is typically initiated after Snaile turns on the locker installation and completes its unique on-site, hands-on implementation program.

“We find having our staff on-site for the first few days is invaluable in helping adoption, forging good relationships and making the changeover process much smoother than it could ever be with the phone-only implementation procedures that some other locker companies provide,” said Jane McIver, Vice President of Customer Experience at Snaile.

Retrofitting Move In/Out Rooms

In Canada, a popular time and money-saving practice that many multi-residential buildings choose is to retrofit their move in/move out rooms and turn them into dual-purpose rooms that also support parcel lockers. The outside door is typically close to the lobby door, and this makes it easy for carriers to deliver their packages and tenants to collect from within. A few considerations you want to keep in mind include:

  • Make sure the exterior door can remain open during the day and locked securely at night or after hours.
  • Ensure that the interior door has a secure lock that is only accessible by the building’s tenants to gain access to the building
  • You should have supplemental surveillance cameras in addition to the standard Snaile cameras.
  • You have to have clear signage “Designated Parcel Delivery Point” on the lobby entrance door and on the move in/move out room door to make it quick and easy for the carriers to find.
  • It’s important to take steps to prevent parcels lockers from being blocked by tenant furniture during move ins/out.

Carriers Access To Parcel Lockers

It use to be that buildings could only be access by Canada Post with their proprietary key as part of the laws around letter mail.

So what are the best practices with respect to carrier access to parcel lockers that is being used in Canada?

  • Installing lockers outside. Some buildings are putting lockers outside in a sheltered area or are having Snaile provide the shelter. Shelters are simply to prevent water from freezing between the seems of the physical compartments. When outside installations are considered its important that they are not in a vulnerable spot where vandalism or theft is like to occur. Snaile lockers do come with surveillance as a deterrent but wise location selection goes a long way.
  • Installing lockers in an unlocked vestibule. When a building has room lockers are being installed in between the double door entrances on the inside of the unlocked doors and before the locked doors.
  • Concierge or Security Grant Carriers Access to lockers. Concierge or security allow access to the locked side of the building where the lockers are installed.
  • Building Automation. Many buildings are now using keyless App driven access which then empower the tenant to allow carriers into the building to access the parcel lockers.
  • Buzz to Enter. Some building put a property manager as the key contact for deliveries, so the Enterphone has a listing “For Parcel Deliveries Buzz…”
  • Creating an unlocked room off the vestibule. Some buildings are either extending their vestibule into the lobby to accommodate lockers or are retrofitting mailrooms to also house lockers.
  • Move in/out room retrofits. Others are converting move in/out rooms to be dual purpose lockers and moving rooms. The moving room case is very practical because often there is already an exterior door near the lobby door.

Where to Install Parcel Lockers?

For decades, there have been strict rules and regulations surrounding multi-residential building letter mail delivery. Traditionally, Canada Post was the only entity that had direct access to residential buildings by using their proprietary mailroom key. However, a drastic increase in parcel volumes combined with a plethora of new carriers are forcing these practices to change and evolve.

So, what are the best practices to implement with respect to carrier access to parcel lockers in Canadian buildings? We’re going to outline the best practices next.

  • Concierge or Security Staff – If the parcel lockers are put in a locked location, you could have the concierge or security staff provide carriers access to the parcel lockers. Monitoring through Snaile parcel locker cameras + building security cameras keeps track of who goes in and out of the parcel locker area.
  • Unlocked Vestibule Locker Installation -Another possible solution is installing multi-residential parcel lockers in the building’s vestibule. This is between the unlocked outer doors and the locked inner doors at the entrance of the building. This type of installation provides an ideal space for convenient tenant and carrier access along with protection from the elements.
  • Retrofit Move In/Move Out Rooms – Some buildings have move in/move out rooms that they retrofit to be dual purpose rooms. These rooms turn into parcel locker and moving rooms. It’s convenient for carriers because these rooms typically already have an exterior door by the lobby door and can also be access from within the building by tenants – read more in our RETROFITTING MOVE IN/MOVE OUT ROOMS post.
  • Create an Unlocked Room off the Vestibule- Some buildings find it easier to expand their current vestibule into their lobbies or outside to accommodate just the lockers themselves which only require a 600mm deep alcove. Another option is to retrofit their current mailrooms to accommodate parcel lockers.
  • Building Automation – With apps, smartphones, and WiFi-enabled devices getting more popular, building automation is a popular option. Keyless apps or locks allow tenants to grant carriers access into the building and into the parcel room. Snaile has partnered with Canadian building automation companies for seamless parcel locker integration.
  • Outside Locker Installation – Some buildings don’t have room inside for parcel lockers. Instead, they’re putting Snaile lockers outdoor under a sheltered area, or they’re using Snaile-provided shelters for their parcel locker installations. The idea behind the shelters is to keep the lockers from freezing by keeping water out of the compartment seams.
  • Any multi-residential building that is considering placing outside lockers has to put placement as a top priority. The lockers and shelter can’t be in an unsafe unlit area or an area that is prone to vandalism or theft. Location can be a huge deterrent by itself especially coupled with Snaile surveillance cameras and your own building’s security measures. Read more in our PLACING LOCKERS OUTSIDE post.
  • Buzz to Enter – Some multi-residential buildings list the property manager or superintendent as a key contact for any and all deliveries. Enterphone type systems has the property manager’s name listed alongside a listing that says, “For Parcel Deliveries Buzz….”

Parcel Rooms

Many builders are figuring out how to include parcel rooms after they break ground or in a retrofit and now a days many architects have included parcel rooms right in the original building design. There are several key elements and considerations to keep in mind, and they include:

  • Accessibility – Any parcel room should have open access during normal business hours. As “jobbers” and deliveries from Amazon or online merchants are now becoming mainstream through new delivery companies, apps and crowdsourcing, access without a key is important. However, carriers should not be able to access the building and access to the building from within the parcel rooms should be restricted to FOB for tenants only.
  • Location – Keep your parcel room along the standard delivery route. This means that you want it close to the normal mail room Canada Post would use.
  • Parking – Parking should be close to the parcel room access point or building so it’s easy for your carrier to get the parcels from their trucks to the delivery point.
  • Room for Expansion – Currently, Pitney Bowes Parcel Index projects parcel volume to increase by 17% to 28% by 2022. This means that you want to plan for room to expand because the parcel rooms you use today may not be large enough to accommodate the projected volume increase in just a few short years

Placing Lockers Within View

You want to place your Snaile parcel lockers in clear view of a carrier’s standard path of delivery. Not only is this for greater security, but it’s also so your carriers can quickly and easily find them and deliver or take away your parcels making the launch and adoption easier. You also want simple signage like “Designated Parcel Delivery Point” by your lockers to alleviate any confusion. Ideally, your lockers should be along the standard delivery route a carrier would use today – the Canada Post agent route for example. If they’re not, unionized delivery agents can refuse to deliver even if there are many non-unionized agents that will deliver.

Placing Lockers Outside


If you live in an environment that routinely has temperatures that fluctuate between -20°C and -40°C and you want to place your parcel lockers outside, Snaile lockers can work. Snaile’s standard locker can withstand temperatures down to -20°C, and Snaile’s lockers with the cold weather upgrade can withstand temperatures down to -40°C. All outdoor lockers do need shelter to prevent water from freezing between the compartment gaps, and Snaile is able to provide both full shelters and canopies.

Placing your lockers outside typically works best for retrofits where there is no direct building access, no vestibule room, and no other viable options for your parcel locker install. It’s also critical that you think about carrier access, parking and visibility.

Are your parcel lockers legal to plug-in?

What ever equipment you plug into the Canadian electrical system it must be compliant, this includes parcel lockers. Snaile lockers carry the Electrical Safety Authority’s ESAFE mark.

By law, all electrical products must be certified or field evaluated to electrical safety standards before they can be used or sold in Canada. An ESAFE approval meets the requirements of Rule 2-024 – Ontario Electrical Safety Code, and the requirements of all other jurisdictions in Canada.

Electrical equipment is deemed to be approved if it has been approved according to the process set out in section 2 of Ontario Regulation 438/07.

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) recognizes certification bodies and field evaluation agencies accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to certify or evaluate electrical products or devices. Only equipment bearing a recognized mark or label is deemed to be approved.

Failure to comply with these Rules or the Regulation is an offence and upon conviction, a person or director/officer of a corporation could be found liable to a fine of up to $50,000 and/or imprisonment of not more than one year. A corporation may be found liable to a fine up to $1,000,000.

In Ontario, ESA also has the authority to order products be quarantined, seized or forfeited to the Crown for disposal.

Snaile integrates with Condo Control Central to Bring Parcel Delivery Solution to Building Residents

Toronto, ON – December 6, 2018 Snaile Parcel Lockers (www.snailelockers.com/) is pleased to announce they have integrated with Condo Control Central (www.condocontrolcentral.com) to bring residents of Condo Control Central’s properties a more efficient and secure way to receive their delivered parcels.

By partnering with Snaile, Condo Control Central’s residents could benefit from secure parcel lockers that incorporate Cloud technology to alert them of deliveries in real-time. With more than 700 Canadian installations, Condo Control Central is Canada’s leading condominium, co-op and homeowner association property management software company. The first host building has been secured in Toronto, Ontario and will launch in Q1, 2019.

With Snaile automated parcel lockers, any carrier can deliver to the locker at any time. When the carrier deposits the parcel and closes the door, it locks automatically. The carrier selects the recipient’s municipal address from the integrated directory. The intended recipient of the parcel then receives a text or an email to alert them of the delivery, along with a unique passcode. On entering the passcode into the locker’s keypad, the recipient is able to access and retrieve their parcel, anytime 24/7.

Snaile’s automated parcel lockers will be an attractive amenity for new and existing residents since they eliminate the chance of theft. They also provide multi-residential property managers a solution for the problems associated with the cost and the liability of managing parcels from different carrier sources. Since packages left in vestibules and hallways can create a fire and safety hazard, Snaile lockers will make buildings safer and help avoid fire code violation fines.

We are very pleased to work with Condo Control Central and complete the first all-Canadian, end-to-end, multi-tenant residential parcel locker solution. Our partnership with Condo Control Central means that property managers in their serviced buildings will be faced with minimal administration in order for their residents to enjoy Snaile lockers. In fact, Snaile lockers can be up and running the same day they are installed”, said Patrick Armstrong CEO of Snaile.

Snaile will automatically stay abreast of Condo Control Central’s current tenant roster thanks to the integration, and there will be no need to update or register tenants. By avoiding the extra work and inefficiencies associated with double-entry and administrative errors, 100 percent of the municipal addresses which are serviced jointly by Condo Control Central and Snaile parcel lockers will receive accurate electronic notifications when a parcel is delivered to a locker. Lockers of all types and sizes can be obtained to store food, laundry or any other item.

Parcel shipping volumes continue to rise in Canada as Canadians choose to shop online instead of visiting stores in person to make purchases. In the first quarter of 2018, Canada Post, Canada’s largest parcel delivery company, saw parcel volumes increase by 33 percent as compared to the same period in 2017. The number of Millennials in Canada is a big contributing factor. Millennials became the largest cohort of Canadian workers in 2016 and 67 percent of Millennials prefer to shop online. Managing parcel deliveries in multi-tenant properties can be particularly onerous: Snaile’s smart parcel lockers could be the perfect solution.

Snaile Partners with AnswerNet Canada to Provide 24/7 Web and Phone Support in French and English

November 5, 2018 Toronto, ON – Snaile announces an exciting new partnership with AnswerNet Canada, who will take over Tier 1 customer support in order to service new and existing customers across the country. Support will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in both French and English.

AnswerNet Canada operates call centres in Winnipeg and Toronto, with these two offices being part of a wider support network that includes 30 call centres and supports 15,000 customers across North America.

According to Jane McIver, Vice President of Customer Experience at Snaile, this exciting development will help Snaile to grow and meet new demands: “We were looking for a Canadian based call centre that could offer both fluent English and French phone, email and web support, but also one that is local to our offices so we could also be hands-on… We have grown past our own internal ability to provide great customer support any time, which is good for business but at the same time, requires a dedicated call centre with the right technology, experience and credibility to meet our quality demands. At Snaile the real job for us begins after installation and we are highly focused on after sales service, customer experience and support.”

Snaile is the only Canadian parcel locker company that provides businesses with access to a customer implementation specialist on-site, including unprecedented access to support services for the first few days after they go-live. By helping carriers and parcel recipients to familiarize themselves with lockers and typical usage scenarios, nothing is left to chance. Call centre support is typically initiated after Snaile turns on locker installation and completes its unique on-site, hands-on implementation program.

“We find having our staff on-site for the first few days is invaluable in helping adoption, forging good relationships and making the changeover process much smoother than it could ever be with the phone-only implementation procedures that some other locker companies provide,” said McIver.

In addition to Tier 1 support, Tier 2 support will escalate back to Snaile from AnswerNet through the integrated ticketing system. This will allow for efficient service dispatch or remote terminal call-in actions via the Internet.

Snaile completes Yardi Integration

Toronto, ON – December 20, 2018 Snaile completes integration with Yardi to allow seamless updates to current tenant contact information (email and/or SMS) so that parcel deliveries notify the current resident. Snaile updates its directory daily via an API call to Yardi. The first two Canadian customers, one in Ottawa and one in Toronto, will be up and running with this new integration Q1 2019. Established in 1984, Yardi has grown dramatically over the last three decades to become the leading provider of high-performance software solutions for the real estate industry. Today, they employ over 6,000 dedicated professionals working in over 40 offices throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Snaile Joins Forces with 1VALET to Streamline Parcel Delivery

Toronto, Ontario, Jan 15, 2019 – Award-winning automated parcel locker firm Snaile (www.snailelockers.com/) is collaborating with 1VALET (www.1valet.com), a Quebec-based business providing a full multi-residential building automation platform, to simplify the process of receiving packages. This partnership between the two Canadian companies allows parcels to be safely deposited at recipients’ multi-family building and delivery notifications integrated with the 1VALET platform.

“After evaluating parcel locker providers in Canada, Snaile demonstrated to us they have the right solution for the Canadian building industry,” said Erin Fenn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 1VALET. Snaile has addressed Canadian data privacy issues, electrical certification requirements, French & English interfaces & customer support and is already working with major influencers in the Canadian developer, property management, retail and postal markets”

Snaile’s parcel lockers allow carriers to deliver – and recipients to collect – parcels securely at any time without the risk of theft. After they select the correct municipal address from the integrated directory, the carrier deposits the package and closes the door, the compartment locks automatically. The recipient will then receive a notification on their 1VALET app alerting them of the delivery, along with a unique passcode. When the recipient enters the code via the locker’s keypad, they can access and retrieve their parcel.

The building will also no longer need to divert management staff resources to accept, log, store and distribute parcels. Instead, its recipients will be notified by 1VALET’s resident app and can collect the parcel at a convenient time, using automation to improve a once increasingly complicated and inefficient system.

Eliminating the chance of theft, the cost and liability of managing parcels, and the time wasted waiting to deliver or collect parcels, Snaile’s automated parcel lockers are proving attractive to building residents. Packages left in hallways can create fire and tripping hazards, meaning that Snaile installations are helping to make buildings safer and avoiding the risk of fire-code violation fines.

1VALET is adding Snaile’s parcel lockers to its impressive host of features, including a virtual key system, smart water pressure valves and excellent security systems. It also has an online marketplace for in-home services such as house cleaning, chef services or hair styling. 1VALET is a staunch advocate of using green energy to support sustainable communities, including the latest solar and wind technologies, as well as electric charging stations and smart car sharing options.

1VALET, founded by Devcore Group’s President Jean-Pierre Poulin, is currently rolling out its technology to 1500 residential units across the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

Snaile lockers have already been installed at 1VALET’s showroom at their headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec, and there are plans to also incorporate Snaile lockers in 1VALET’s Toronto showroom that is soon to open.



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Kirstin Thomas


The Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA) to Visit a Toronto Snaile Parcel Lockers Installation on their 2019 Rental Housing Conference Building Innovation Bus Tour

Toronto, ON April, 2019 -Snaile is pleased to announce that the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA) will be including a Snaile parcel locker installation on their annual high rise multi-residential “Building Innovation Bus Tour” in Toronto.

This Building Innovation Bus Tour is part of CFAA’s 2019 Rental Housing Conference taking place Monday, May 13, to Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Toronto.

The CFAA represents the owners and managers of roughly one million residential rental suites in Canada, through 11 associations across Canada and direct landlord memberships. In existence since 1995, CFAA is the sole national organization representing the interests of Canada’s $480 billion private rental housing industry, which provides quality rental homes for more than nine million Canadians.

Snaile Lockers are installed at one of the featured buildings that accepts parcel deliveries and prepared meals for its automated collection by the building’s residents. The Snaile parcel lockers are offered as an amenity to these residents, adding to the wide range of existing amenities.

US industry views on parcel management has changed from a simple courtesy to a competitive necessity. According to a 2017 survey by NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Renter Preferences Report (which does not reflect the last two years of the double-digit parcel volume growth) 47% of renters surveyed receive at least 3 packages per month and 57% are “interested or highly interested in package lockers” as an amenity. Projecting numbers forward using the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index growth of 17% YoY, in 2019 this same 47% of renters would be receiving 4 parcels per month.
Graphic Source https://www.nmhc.org/residents

According to Rick Haughey, NMHC Vice President for Industry Technology Initiatives, in high rise buildings (9 stories or more) 70% of the time a carrier will go to the building management office when a tenant is not home – which according to an executive with Camden Property Trust package delivery management takes 10 minutes per package which adds up to a lot of operational costs.
In buildings with no concierge or security all carries with the exception of Canada Post can not access the building leaving few options to complete the delivery. Some carriers try to gain building access by buzzing the tenant, and if the tenant is not home they may try to buzz random units to attempt entry. Carriers may be able to scoot in while the door is open for someone else. In both of these cases, there can be carriers inside the building without permission. Carriers have been know to leave the parcels in the wind vestibule, hallways or lobbies which poses a fire code violation and fine by having parcels in the egress passage. Parcels left in the open can also be subject to theft which could lead to building liability. The motivation for leaving parcels anywhere possible is compounded by the growth in carriers that are paid per delivery and that are not employed by the traditional carriers with ingrained commercial delivery practices. When all else fails, carriers leave the delivery notice card stuck up on the wall or door, which is then an inconvenience for the tenant to have to go to a distribution facility to pick up their package.
The Building Innovation Bus Tour taking place on May 13, 2019 from 1pm – 5pm, and interested participants can visit the registration website at https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/default.aspx?EventID=2540080